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My full name is Jade Elizabeth Jo-Ann Kennedy (posh name eh? lol) and I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire in 1985. I have been writing since an early age, which you can see in one of my early posts 'Where it all began'. I became serious about writing in 2009 and joined allpoetry.com where I became a part of a growing community of writers and received lots of support and encouragement. I have been on a discovery of words and poetry ever since.

A lot of things in my life have influenced my writing. I was bullied very badly at secondary school, I almost died of Meningitis at the age of 17 and also the highs and lows of my eccentric life. I got married in 2012 to my soul mate Carl, he is always a source of inspiration to me. My poem 'Essence of Orange' is about our first date. I am working on a new collection, with artwork by my Mum called 'Art and Poetry from The Purple Tree' - My Mum and me are very close, I don't know where I would be without her. You will see her art or writing popping up on the blog often, as she is a great inspiration to me.

I'm an avid reader and lover of anything to do with History. I have a bit of a soft spot for sci-fi and The Sims 3. I love cats and have a writing buddy called Tomas who turns up on the blog sometimes :)

Below is a list of where you can find my work - this is also so I can keep track of it lol

I'm thrilled to have my poem 'If Only' and my prose piece 'India' included in 'The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2014' 

My Poetry 

'The Crows' is in Poet and Geek - Issue 4

I have my poems 'Midnight Fae','Written in the Stars', 'The Crows','Constantly Summer' and 'A Collection' as a free download on Ether Books 

'As Within' is in the Poetry Anthology - The Universe Inside , available on Amazon.

Some of my darker poetry; Pushed too Far, Black Death, Pub Crawler, Wasteland & Eternal Daylight in Twisted Dreams Magazine

My poems 'A Sleepless Summer''Sanctuary' and 'The Lies I Told my Mother' are on Morgen Bailey's Post-Weekend Poetry

My poem 'If Only' is in Vine Leaves Literary Journal - Issue 11 

Interviews & Reviews

Silver Threads

My interview with Emma Eden Ramos on her blog

Review by Nicki J Markus

'Poetry and Me' my Guest Post on Behind a Million and One Pages

Review by Casee Marie of Literary Inklings

Rose Drew on One & Other 

Review on Little Library Muse

By Audra on Unabridged Chick

A wonderful review on Peeking between the pages for National Poetry Month 2013.

Reviews of Alchemy 

Nicki J Markus

Book Twister Reviews

Ms.Nose in a Book

Reading ... Dreaming

Portobello Book Blog

Linda's Book Bag

My interview for Awesome Indies on Emily Reads Everything

Flash Fiction & Prose

'A Collection' was featured on Flash Flood as part of National Flash Fiction Day 2013 and I was included again in Flash Flood 2014 with my piece 'Drawings'. In 2015 my flash fiction 'Poppies in the Snow' was featured.

Prose piece 'India' in Vine Leave Literary Journal Issue 9 

Prose piece 'Deep Sleep and Origami' in the Heritage issue of Crescent Magazine 

My flash fictions 'Poppies in the Snow' & 'Light Shadow' are in Paper Swans - Issue 3 and 'Old Norse', 'Eden' & 'Blackbird' are in Paper Swans - Issue 4

My flash fiction 'The Storm' and 'Old Norse' on Word Bohemia.

My flash fiction pieces on Morgan Bailey's Flash Fiction Friday's ~

Blackbird  - and the Podcast (episode 32) 

Eden - and the Podcast (episode 33)

Old Norse  - and the Podcast (episode 35) 

Light Shadow  - and the Podcast (episode 37)

Drawings  - and the Podcast (episode 40)

A Season of Half-Light 


* I always share the link to the itunes page of Morgen's Podcast but others are available on her blog here 

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