Saturday, 2 April 2016

New Writing of the Month for April ~ Minutes & Seconds

Time is so tedious and tactile,
it sits with me and holds my hand
counting off the seconds
on my fingers 
like a mother and child,
blowing on my palm
and chasing the fallen seconds away.

Hi everyone, 

Sorry this month's new writing is late (all due to pregnancy stuff yesterday) - I am getting pretty big now, I've only got 10 weeks to go! 

I hope you enjoy 'Minutes & Seconds' - it's a short poem but I thought it was beautiful, it has lovely imagery.

'Alchemy' has received a fantastic review on Linda's Book Bag! It made my week! 

'It’s a huge shame that this kind of writing is so underrated as talents like Jade Kennedy’s are in danger of being lost in the face of the huge publishing houses and big name authors. I think she deserves recognition and praise for her writing as she really has ‘fingers tinted in poetry’.'

I couldn't thank her enough! It really gave me hope :)

Have a lovely weekend

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