Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Writing of the Month for March ~ Loss

If I could make poppies flower wherever I wished
I would make them flower in the darkest places,
red and dark with my blood,
but who would want my blood?
Thicker than others, oily and heavy
with suppression,
passed up for common dirty water.
Poppies would flower from dirty carpets
and in between the mortar of old houses,
they would flower in all their glory during the day
shrivelling into pools of blood at night
unique and wonderful,
lost to the world before they could be discovered

Hi everyone - it's the first day of Spring!

A bit of a dark-ish poem to start off Spring but who cares lol. I wrote this in November inspired by all the poppies that were around for memorial day, it's not inspired by war but they kept coming into my thoughts as I wrote and this poem came about. I think it's my need/want to see the beauty in dark situations and that if I could I would make happiness come from nothing. I also think it's partly to do with my own relationship with writing.

I've had my flash fiction pieces 'Old Norse' and 'Old Perfume' accepted by the webzine 'Three Drops from a Cauldron' (great name eh?) They will be featured in April and I'll let you know at the time. 

I'm getting bigger and bigger and the baby's kicks are getting stronger! :) I had my second scan in early February and the midwife got to see everything she needed to - all perfectly healthy. 

Happy Tuesday and Happy St David's Day to any Welsh readers!

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