Monday, 1 February 2016

New Writing of the Month for February ~ Fragments of Winter

How mesmerising my dreams have been
the power of light and desires fed into the fire,
my soul is but a few
fragments of silence
born into a world of noise.
I dream dreams of friendships that cannot be,
of colours on walls
that morph into whatever I am thinking.
As I press my hands into the paint
it claims my fingers
and stains my skin forever.
I dream of escapes and laughter,
of things I long to see in my waking hours
for winter is the quiet season.

Hi everyone and hello freezing February!

I hope you like 'Fragments of Winter' - it's obviously inspired by dreams, and I've been having some very vivid strange dreams fuelled by my hormones. I've had dreams of pulling out my own teeth, some have had celebrities in and another one was about being taken hostage! I really love some of the lines in this poem - 'the power of light and desires fed into the fire'. The gorgeous artwork is by my amazing Mum.

I feel somewhere along the way I've lost the rawness and passion of writing (one too many rejections will do that!).  I really hope to get it back.

I have been interviewed for a section on the blog 'Emily Reads Everything' called 'Awesome Indies' - I talk about 'Alchemy', my writing process and even share a very snazzy photo of my writing buddy Tomas. 

I was hoping to be able to share with you all whether the baby is a boy or girl but the baby had other plans and during my scan kept his/her legs tightly together - I have seriously never seen a straighter pair of legs on a scan photo! lol. Stubborn already. I have another scan tomorrow so maybe I can tell you all in my next post. The baby has also now moved on from wriggling to kicks and I'm getting kicked on a regular basis. 

Happy Monday 

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