Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Writing of the Month for December - 'Selene'

The light that obscured
the falling leaves of autumn,
has become the guiding light of winter nights
Laying beside the stars
and the soft lights of home,
they become a part of my soul
reflected in the darkness
and in my eyes as I grow moon shaped
Light is everlasting
and exudes a much needed calm
always carrying a hope
or a wish
of mine
to burn within 
released into the air like smoke. 

Hi everyone and welcome to December - I can't believe how fast the year has gone! (maybe that's a consequence of getting old!)

I hope you enjoy 'Selene' - she is the goddess of the moon in Greek Mythology. I don't write much poetry anymore, I seem to want to expand on my ideas and writing to make a longer prose/flash fiction piece so I am happy to be returning to poetry and its purity. I think this is a beautiful poem with a lovely atmosphere and as always with my writing has a element of the seasons throughout.

This poem also has a personal significance and this is why I've shared it today, especially including the line 'as I grow moon shaped' ... me and Carl have done something bonkers... we've made a baby!! I've already had my first scan and the baby is lovely and healthy and already doesn't enjoy being poked! lol :) 

It's a lovely surprise - and it definitely was a surprise, he/she wasn't planned. I'm due in June and my Mum is already making a baby blanket, she is so excited and I know she will be an amazing grandmother (she wants to be called Nan).

Hopefully 'Alchemy' should be getting some reviews soon! :) I'll keep you informed and also on the developments of the bump. 

Happy Tuesday 

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