Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! 

I hope you all have a wonderful festive season whatever you're doing :) 

As I write this I'm having a coffee with some homemade gingerbread... how very Christmassy! 

'Alchemy' has received a wonderful review on Portobello Book Blog -

'Jade Kennedy’s writing was very atmospheric, filled with emotion and at times mystical.'

It's so heartwarming as a writer to hear how much someone enjoyed your work, it makes it all worthwhile. It's a great defense for those days when you want to throw everything in the bin. So thank you from the bottom of heart to all my readers and reviewers! 

In other news I'm now in my 16th week of pregnancy and starting to feel the little one move about - I know it might be early but it's a weird but wonderful sensation that I've never felt before. It feels more like bubbles then fluttering and it is very active at night! lol I'm also still waiting for a present in the post for Carl that I ordered from Amazon - which they think has been delivered ... I beg to differ!

Have a lovely Wednesday and a fantastic Christmas... looking forward to begin back in the New Year!

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