Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Last Dream

'I heard that when we die our brain activity increases - visions, smells and stories fill our mind.  Maybe this is what we see when we die. Maybe this is what forms the tales of those that cheat death.  Is this our last dream, something to prepare us for the vast unknown that comes to us all? 

Unlike the hauntings of  ghosts that don’t know or refuse to accept that they are dead … I knew.

A loved one didn't come for me and my life didn't unravel before me - just an endless falling through darkness. I watched my hands desperately grasp for something to cling to, my body's reflexes refusing accept they were no longer real.

Feeling less and less complete the further I fell, I let go of everything that made me flesh and blood; human - my thoughts, my ego, all beliefs flew upwards as I fell fluttering like cloth.

Hearing a ripping rippling sound my fears and last words poured from my open mouth like a held breath. My tears and grief seeped out from under my eyelashes. My last thoughts before all thought left me was of those I had left behind and the simple pleasures I would miss.

The Light filled the space effortlessly ... it came to me.'

Happy Halloween everyone! 

I hope you all enjoy 'The Last Dream'. I've been looking forward to sharing it for Halloween. It's not really scary but it's definitely a dark piece about death, I don't think I wanted to go down the horror route this year. I think this is a piece that gets you wondering. I hope some of you think of the real meaning of Halloween or Samhain and remember those that have passed away and can't be with us, lit some candles and think of some happy memories with them.

I want to share Alchemy again (I know, shameless - but I'm so pleased I have some of my lovely reviews on there now :) 

Carl as usual is going Halloween mad! He's heading out to decorate the front garden soon, I hope I get a pumpkin to carve.

Have a wonderful weekend...

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