Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Writing of the Month for October ~ Misplaced

She lit the candle carefully, her lips moving quickly and silently in a personal prayer. Cradling the fragile flame she finished with the words ‘so God knows where we are’. The light was placed before the window so all who passed the house could see, be they of flesh and bone or an ethereal being that had lost its own way. The only candle in the darkness - the only light illuminating their own ghostly wishes. Would they come and stare?

She wanted so much to believe that God had just misplaced them, had lost track of them in the ebb and flow of life. Maybe God would see this one small flickering light and like a lighthouse would be guided towards them and her prayers. Although invisible to us yet maybe all too real in the other realms, they would see her prayers and wishes scattered around the house piled high, desperate and pleading. 

God may find them again and they would be guided and protected once more - their dreams would be full of possibilities, and not of exile. She would never stop lighting the candles, even when her hands were aged and frail - she will light a candle so that ‘God knows where we are’ so that they will never be forgotten or lost again.

Hello everyone and hello October

I hope you enjoy 'Misplaced' it is another personal piece because I do this when I light candles, especially when things seem so awful that you have no idea which way to turn or what to do for the best. There is something very calming about giving up your problems to something higher, whether I am talking to myself or not it makes me feel better. Does anyone else do this? Anything similar like a worry box or actual prayer? 

'Alchemy' received another lovely review from a lovely lady called Ruty in Uruguay! (I'm going international!) 

''Alchemy' is a really beautiful book that despite being only 50-something pages long, it feels wider and it's extraordinary'

The full review is on Goodreads and - it will be on her blog later this month - Thank you again for the wonderful review Ruty. 

Also today is world vegetarian day! So a big high five to all the other vegetarians out there today :)

Happy Thursday

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