Saturday, 1 August 2015

New Writing of the Month for August ~ Lammas

The sun is bleaching my skin, my bones, my fingertips – my mind is a burnt out space of sparkling whites and dark yellow hues.

When I close my eyes, I can still see the sun and it brings so many memories each year. Everything is vivid and intense, the air is heavy and I am assaulted by memories of rough tartan blankets, kites and car fumes. White towers hold a prominent place in my thoughts as all else moves and undulates before it, never moving closer or further away.

There’s the metallic smell of coins, bronzed and dirty with age, sand and bitter tasting greenery. Burnt swollen emotions sit with their toes dipped in the lake, avoiding the green algae that drifts forever onwards. Dark nights stifled with heat and static are followed by early mornings that long for the sunlight and birdsong.

Hi everyone and welcome to August! 

This time last month I was suffering during a mini heatwave and now it's a bit cold for this time of year - it's my kinda summer! lol 

I hope you enjoy Lammas, it's part of the gorgeous 'Alchemy' which is on AmazonGoogle BooksiBooks & Kobo - just to name a few.

Being an indie author really isn't easy but then being with an awful publisher (my collection of poetry "Silver Threads") was even worse! I enjoy having control over my own work but it's been slow progress. I have a few reviews lined up which is fantastic, I'm really hoping they're good, I don't mind it when it's not people's cup of tea but a scathing review is just horrible for the author. 

If anyone has read 'Alchemy' please add it on Goodreads - every little helps us indie authors :) 

I will have my piece 'Renaissance' on Flash Fiction Fridays on Morgen Bailey's blog on Friday coming (7th) - I'll share the link on Twitter when it's on. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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