Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Book Review #2

'Writing into the days and nights, needing less and less light to read her words, blocking out the light, shielding away from the windows like a flower closing its face to the dusk. Her finger tips grew soft and pooled out like melted wax, sticking to everything she touched. She stroked the cool walls with a deep yearning to walk them. Skin untouched by the sun, it paled to a translucent sheen with its visible marbling of blue-tinted veins.' - from Eden

'Alchemy' has received another wonderful review, this time a 5 star one from Kristianne at :) 

I am so delighted! It's an amazing moment as a writer when someone loves your work that much - on some level I still see my writing as the random thoughts in my head lol. Isn't the internet incredible - how could someone in Texas read the poetry and flash fictions of an indie author from Yorkshire before it.  

She said some lovely things about 'Alchemy', they really made my day and gave me such a confidence boost.

'I felt very connected with each piece in this collection and just with the collection as a whole; it really made me think and reflect on all of the themes being presented in a particular piece. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite because I enjoyed all of it but I do feel as though Eden might be my favorite. It was breathtaking and I wish I had more to read!' 

I also need to share my Mum's new-look website, it's had a fantastic make over and looks gorgeous - Julie Kennedy Art . Her art is beautiful and I was so proud to have her art as the cover for 'Alchemy'. 

Happy Wednesday 

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