Wednesday, 1 July 2015

New Writing of the Month for July ~ If Only

If she could only be one of those
those who gild their wording in gold

who speak in rustic,
                              autumnal hues
and bring forth the world, one thought at a time.

Her voice emerges slowly
carved in inky blacks and ashen whites
fracturing the laden air, dissipating.

She is the unread,
                         mispronounced and unrefined.
She wishes to reach out and touch
with fingers tinted in poetry
painted in midnight blues by circumstance

to talk of the stars, to believe she could reach them.

Hi everyone and my sympathies if you're like me and suffering in this UK heat! I've never been a fan of hot weather. 

I have shared 'If Only' today because even though it's not new writing (I wrote this back in 2011-2012) and it has been/is in collections I've written, it's never been on my blog! Weird I know. Also 'If Only' was featured in Vine Leaves Journal issue 11  and they have recently started a print version of their lovely magazine so I had to buy the issue and share the poem on here today.

I have been making progress with my ebook 'Alchemy' - I have admitted defeat and handed the production over to a company called ePubli. All s going well - I should see my finished ebook available around the 10th :) If any book bloggers are reading this and would like it to review 'Alchemy' just email me - - it would be really appreciated. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday 

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