Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Alchemy is now available to buy from Amazon *excited jig!* 

Although it's been available to buy from epubli for a week (with links to buy from Kobo, iBooks and Google Books) I've been waiting to write a blog post until it was on Amazon :) 

I'm so happy with it - it looks amazing inside and out, that's all thanks to my mum for the gorgeous artwork and the editing wizard Morgen. Also maybe the author had a little input as well lol 

I have my first review on Goodreads from Nicki J Markus who reviewed 'Silver Threads' a few years ago and she was lovely enough to give 'Alchemy' a great review as well - the review will be on her blog on Thursday.

'Alchemy by Jade Kennedy offers a delightful collection of thought-provoking poems and vignettes. Two of my favourites were Mosaic and Glass Butterflies. Worth a look if you like your poems abstract and atmospheric.' 

I have another review coming soon from a book blogger that also reviewed 'Silver Threads' - bless the book bloggers!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, I know I will.

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