Sunday, 17 May 2015

Automatic Writing #15

'There is wonder in the quietness, a hush before the chaos, an in-taking of breath before we speak and what will we speak of. What is worthy enough for us to form our thoughts into words? Why speak when we can watch and listen - partake in life without a sound?  Simply hold the sunlight and wish for silence, wish for another season another turn of the earth before you have to move again, before we can all dream again.

It's not the footprints on my soul that worry me, it’s the footprints that are not there. It’s the people whose faces are fading - no footprints, no memories, no feelings.  Am I sure they exist? 

To me and you it is just enough to be … it is just enough to breathe… to love… to see sparks when we love and to witness wonder when we dream"

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoy this latest automatic writing (written in December) - the last automatic writing was back in January. 

I am fascinated by memory - it features frequently in my writing. I'm interested in how it fades and deteriorates over time. How memories can come across darker or lighter depending on the emotions attached to it. How people and conversations seem to disappear into the shadows, it's really amazing ... to me anyway. 

For some reason I'm having seriously weird dreams so the line 'to witness wonder when we dream' is a tad ironic! lol Last night's dream seemed to be centered around roast potatoes .. I have not got a clue why! Maybe I'm in need ...

Have a wonderful Sunday :)

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