Sunday, 17 May 2015

Automatic Writing #15

'There is wonder in the quietness, a hush before the chaos, an in-taking of breath before we speak and what will we speak of. What is worthy enough for us to form our thoughts into words? Why speak when we can watch and listen - partake in life without a sound?  Simply hold the sunlight and wish for silence, wish for another season another turn of the earth before you have to move again, before we can all dream again.

It's not the footprints on my soul that worry me, it’s the footprints that are not there. It’s the people whose faces are fading - no footprints, no memories, no feelings.  Am I sure they exist? 

To me and you it is just enough to be … it is just enough to breathe… to love… to see sparks when we love and to witness wonder when we dream"

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoy this latest automatic writing (written in December) - the last automatic writing was back in January. 

I am fascinated by memory - it features frequently in my writing. I'm interested in how it fades and deteriorates over time. How memories can come across darker or lighter depending on the emotions attached to it. How people and conversations seem to disappear into the shadows, it's really amazing ... to me anyway. 

For some reason I'm having seriously weird dreams so the line 'to witness wonder when we dream' is a tad ironic! lol Last night's dream seemed to be centered around roast potatoes .. I have not got a clue why! Maybe I'm in need ...

Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, 1 May 2015

New Writing of the Month for May ~ Salt and Light

So much feeling,
that it stains her hands with salt and light.
The smallest prisms,
the smallest cries.

I heard her as if from far away call for pen and paper,
she calls for the memories to stop,
and wishes that they could fall into her hands
as soft and feeble as tissue
ready and eager to be destroyed.

Hello everyone and hello May - usually a gorgeous month though today I've been chilled to the bone!

This is a brand new piece of writing (as the blog title suggests) I wrote it last month. I love the simplicity and imagery, also the symbolism of salt and light - both are purifying elements and a symbol of new beginnings which I think is a strong undercurrent in this poem. 

I went to the book launch of 'The Beach Hut' last night at my local Waterstones, written by the wonderful Cassandra Parkin who has been my 'Facebook friend' for many years. I have now met her in the flesh and can confirm she is as lovely as she is on social media.

My flash fiction 'Poppies in the Snow' was included in Flash Flood Journal again this year :) It's wonderful to be a part of the flood again. 

Also yesterday was my blog anniversary! Three years I have been posting my writing and talking gibberish! lol I would like to thank everyone that visits and reads regularly, my 36 followers and the people that stumble across this blog. I won't lie and say that Borrowed Expressions is a popular blog but you are all greatly appreciated! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me :) 

I'll leave you with a picture of Tomas .... because there just aren't enough pictures of cats on the internet.