Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Silver Threads

When those silver threads weave,
as soft and tender as white starlight
curling in tendrils through and within,
                                                        her crimson demure

was carried on a Celtic verse,
spoken around tribal firelight,
when fire fled across the dying summer sky

It was her curse to cradle,
in all its raw iridescent facets,
braided and fused into her ancestry
told in sagas, bred into myth,
of women from the East with flowing silvered hair.

Hi everyone, 

I have spoken a few times about my first poetry collection 'Silver Threads' (that never became a 'real book') but I have not shared the poem that inspired its name! 

The poem was inspired by my ancestry - we tend to go grey or a whitish silver in my family and usually quite early. Yes that means I have a few threads of silver already in my hair and I'm also allergic to hair dye! *cue the small violin*. I think this comes from my maternal grandfather's mother's side, apparently he started going white at the age of 16! The family comes from the East Riding of Yorkshire - me and my Mum even found the grave of my 6 x great grandparents in Etton churchyard.

Also the beautiful artwork is the cover for 'Silver Threads' painted by my lovely Mum.

Nothing much has happened since the first of the month, it's been boring but very sunny here in Yorkshire. I'm in a bit of a depressed writing rut since I received a rejection at the end of March - I'm going through the stage of 'I'm not writing again' nonsense! Like I could stop myself. I've not written anything since and I've been struggling to finish a flash fiction. I hope I get out this rut soon.

Happy Wednesday :)

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