Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Writing of the Month for April ~ Harmonies

Bottling up my emotions became as natural as breathing in my early teenage years. I spent hours pouring my life into glass bottles - sometimes needing all night and sometimes just a few drops of blood into a tiny chipped bottle. I tucked the tiniest bottles away, sewing them into the lining of clothes, pillows, behind books on shelves, illuminating them from behind.

The larger bottles of all colours lined my bed and chinked together softly through the long hours of the night. Some were clear except for flecks of black and red, others filled with a night of sobbing dripping into the floorboards and through to the floors below. One is filled with what looks like fog and fleeting glances of a hand print on the inside, another has scrolls and sea water curled up tightly inside.

I felt safe. I could watch my emotions churn and mix to form new and frightening forms from a distance, contained behind think glass. I tapped on them making musical harmonies wondering if they knew they were now separate from me.  One day I plan to free them, set them adrift from the nearest beach into the ocean - like a message in a bottle to find another shoreline or sink beyond the canyons at the very bottom of the oceans and lay among the treasures yet undiscovered. 

Welcome to a windy and freezing April - well it is in Yorkshire anyway! 

I hope you enjoy 'Harmonies', I wrote it a few weeks ago after thinking about the phrase 'bottling up emotions' - what would it be like if that phrase was literal instead of metaphorical?

What would emotions look like encased in glass and what would you do with them? I like the imagery and thought behind the notion of sewing them into the lining of clothes and hiding them. It's so true that you can deny them but your emotions are always there. 

I have nothing to share with you all unfortunately, I had a 'I'm done being a writer' day on Sunday (is it me or do bad things happen/ you get bad news on a Sunday?? - it's my most hated day lol) All writers have these days, I'm not really going to stop writing but I'm going to be down for a while and I'm not sure if I will write much or if it will be any good. 

Anyway I would appreciate any advice on self-publishing from knowledgeable readers - I'm thinking of using CreateSpace.

Have a wonderful April, I hope you don't get pranked today :)

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