Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Whales, Butterflies & Sorrows

“My sweet Eve,
If I could I would have placed my ear to the ground, heard you thousands of miles away thumping out a tribal greeting, wishing me a fond farewell.  If I placed my lips so close to the earth and cried my messages back to you, would they intercept? Would our words have collided, splintering somewhere under the vast Atlantic, creating bubbles and ribbons of steam that rush to the surface, skimming past silver finned shoals and deep coral beds. Breaking free on the ocean surface, our words would speak out, answering each other’s questions, our voices and accents over the misting waters where no one could hear my words for you, except maybe a journeying whale coming fast to the surface to inhale the cold northern air, our words inside the whale could mingle together with salt water and compassion, and flints and flecks of emerald tinted butterflies could be seen gliding high when she exhales in a white tipped spray........”

Hi everyone, this is a short excerpt from Vignette 3 'Whales, Butterflies & Sorrows' of the play 'Dragonflies in Amber' - written my myself and my Mum. 

‘Dragonflies in Amber’  explores the inner world of a woman named Eve (who represents all women).  It sets out to question her beliefs on love, hate, desires, longings, childhood events, hidden talents, confidence etc. through the world of lucid dreaming. When we are young we are naturally connected with our emotional and spiritual selves but slowly lose touch with this aspect of ourselves as we ‘grow up’. This play questions what women may have lost by ignoring their inner world.

I've been thinking about how writing gets lost, it receives little attention and it starts to collect dust - I have a few pieces like this. 'Dragonflies in Amber' is a beautiful play that deserves to be seen! It would probably be classed as 'magical realism'. If you have the time to read it please do and if possible leave a small comment. If any writers are reading this they will understand the frustration and sadness of that wall of silence - when you have written something and no one seems to want to say anything back to you.

On a more positive note I have had my flash fiction 'Old Norse' on Word Bohemia. It's a great website with some very talented writers featured and the editors are lovely people. I'd also like to welcome my newest follower - I'm now up to 34 :)

Happy Tuesday and if you have any Irish blood (like me) I wish you a very Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

New Writing of the Month for March ~ Reading the Scorch Marks

'The walls held conversations.  I could feel the rise and fall of words, secrets, bitter revelations. It was warm under my finger tips and cool on my ear as I listened to arguments, snatched at names and places, declarations.  I felt the heat of anger burn through the stone, the wallpaper and leave scorch marks where my body made contact. The smoke made my eyes water and smelled of burnt sand and worn leather.

The talk was of Africa and its northern deserts where the sands sung of footprints disappearing as soon as they were made.  The colours were magical - dark copper, lush golden yellows and soft honeyed whites. Those angry words were heavy and I felt them hit the walls with force.

A quest for something hidden, a map written on thin cloth and of a sorrowful meeting. An opportunity missed, a face that should have been there - a simple story of unrequited love. Love and hate can lay so close, almost touching …'

Hello again! 

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to put on today so I chose this prose piece that was literally written the other day (so it's not as polished as it should be). I really love this piece though and would like to expand on it and maybe turn it into a flash fiction but for the minute here it is in its raw state. Also if any anime fans are reading they might notice that the title is inspired by Howl's Moving Castle (one of my favourites) lol 

Nothing much is happening at the moment, like I said in my last post I have finished my collection 'Alchemy' and I'm waiting for that and other people to get back to me.

It was my 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday and Carl and me took a trip to wonderful York - it's such a lovely city! We went to a shop that sells just cat related things, saw a street performer do a Houdini escapologist trick and visited the amazing York Minster where you could light a prayer candle - we lit one and asked for many more years of being happily married.

Have a wonderful Sunday and start to March, there's still a cold bite in the air but spring is definitely on the horizon.