Friday, 20 February 2015

The Crows

I had a dream last night,
that I stood in a field of pure white wheat,
and it swayed and bowed to the will of the wind.
The sky grew angry and started to cry.
The wheat wilted and rotted away.
Underneath the wheat,
crows had been hiding,
and now hundreds of them
spread their wings and took to the sky,
turning day to night.

The stars came out,
yawned and stretched.
They saw me standing, watching,
and one by one started to sing.
In the middle of the field,
a tree began to play music,
like a music box without the ballerina.
The tree started flowering the whitest of roses,
and the petals fell in time with the tune.
Each petal had a message.
Written in black ink,
"Vous et nul autre”

So here I am! Still alive and on the wrong side of 30 now!

I had a lovely day - I felt thoroughly spoilt! I still have my cards up and also a big balloon that says '30 & fab'.

I hope you like 'The Crows' I realised that it hadn't been on my blog and was shocked when I worked out that it's about 5 or 6 years old now! Where has the time gone? I wrote this in 2009 or 2010 I can't remember exactly. It's one of my favourites from 'Silver Threads', I love the imagery and darkness in 'The Crows'. The last line 'Vous et nul autre' I found in a book, it means 'You and no other'.

I have finished my new collection 'Alchemy' and its been entered into a competition, which I'll not mention because if it doesn't make it then I can pretend it never happened! There is method in my madness!

If it doesn't make it I'll be making it into an ebook if I can get my head around it all. I have had so much love, support and encouragement from my Mum and Carl while doing 'Alchemy', also the editing skills and friendship of Morgen Bailey has been wonderful :) 

Have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Writing of the Month for February ~ Tapestry

'The sky was sewn with stars.
Each light a pinprick in the dark blue tapestry of night and the canvas seemed to move, rippling at its lost edges becoming something tangible.

Something I could reach out and feel like a perfect navy blue cotton. Then receding into the unknown stretching toward a horizon further than anyone could see and I would simply sit and get lost in its magic again.

Finding stories in its constellations and wishing on their falling companions as they light the path of their own ending.'

Hi everyone! It's February!

I wrote 'Tapestry' during summer last year about the Perseid meteor shower in August. I wanted to write this in a prose poem style and I love the imagery, it's an amazing thing to watch - it's magical! It's becoming an annual star-watching night for me and Carl :) 

February is a busy month for me - it's my birthday on the 11th (and this year I'm the big 3-0!) and it's my wedding anniversary at the end of the month. I've been married 3 years this year - it's all the threes! :) 

Some things that I have learned in my 20s and what I wish for my 30s...

My 20s have been really hard. I don't know if anyone else would agree with this but I once heard Nigella Lawson say that she didn't suit being a child. At the time I thought that was a really strange thing to say but I understand now as I don't think I suited being a teen/early 20s. I was confused, I never fitted in and constantly felt like I was missing out on something. I know 30 isn't old by any means but I feel more sure of myself, I feel like I am finally happy with my lot :) I'm not missing out on anything anymore.

In my 20s ... I realised who loves me and who doesn't - and who I should give my love and time to. I have gotten rid of a lot of toxic people in my life (and this includes 'so called' family and friends)

The positives are that I met and married Carl in my 20s and I started writing, I caught the writing bug and this will now be a lifelong passion. I have a wonderful relationship with my Mum - she is my rock.

So.. my wishes for my 30s... I want a spectacular career in writing! :D I hope to keep those I love in my life and maybe there will be a mini Jade or Carl (you never know) lol 

Have a lovely Sunday - next time I speak to you all I'll be 30!