Friday, 16 January 2015

Automatic Writing #14

'A heaviness is settling on my bones like tissue. An ache in the bones and joints of my neck from constantly looking over my shoulder. Always watching my steps on a ground scattered with glass that captures every ray of light in this dark place.

The floor falls away without warning in big pockets of nothingness, the glass melts to form a rope of transparent beads and I laugh at this and at all my waking dreams. For this is my writing - a waking dream dictated, a journey of madness,  all is fluid and incomplete.  Jigsaws of half a man's face - a complete pattern but an incomplete image.'

I can't believe it but the last automatic writing I shared was back in August! - that's way too long.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this long overdue sample of automatic writing, I especially like the image of glass melting to form a glass bead rope. This was written in November and I was obviously just letting my mind wander - also at the same time thinking about how I write, what I think of my writing and of how things come to me. 

At the moment I am putting together and editing a collection of my writing - with help from the lovely Morgen Bailey. I'm starting to realise some things about how I write - which will inevitably happen when you spend so much time eye to eye with your own work, so ... 

  •  When I write ALL grammar goes out the window! I write in one long continuous flow separated by a lot of commas (I think I have an obsession with them! ,,,, lol)
  • I am an amazing waffler! I sometimes spend an entire paragraph saying pretty much the same thing in as many different poetic ways as I can! 
  • I tend to use some words obsessionally, like 'He' and 'She' - this is something I have to watch because when it's read aloud it sounds like a child learning to read! Not a good 'professional' look lol 
Are any writers out there the same? Please don't let me believe I'm on my own in this weirdness! 

I am looking forward to actually getting some writing done - if you read my last post you'll know I was ill before and over Christmas. Well my immune system has taken a battering and I've been ill again since then with a cold that went away and then came back again! I'm still in need of TLC but I'm getting restless and need to start writing again :)

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend.

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