Friday, 16 January 2015

Automatic Writing #14

'A heaviness is settling on my bones like tissue. An ache in the bones and joints of my neck from constantly looking over my shoulder. Always watching my steps on a ground scattered with glass that captures every ray of light in this dark place.

The floor falls away without warning in big pockets of nothingness, the glass melts to form a rope of transparent beads and I laugh at this and at all my waking dreams. For this is my writing - a waking dream dictated, a journey of madness,  all is fluid and incomplete.  Jigsaws of half a man's face - a complete pattern but an incomplete image.'

I can't believe it but the last automatic writing I shared was back in August! - that's way too long.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this long overdue sample of automatic writing, I especially like the image of glass melting to form a glass bead rope. This was written in November and I was obviously just letting my mind wander - also at the same time thinking about how I write, what I think of my writing and of how things come to me. 

At the moment I am putting together and editing a collection of my writing - with help from the lovely Morgen Bailey. I'm starting to realise some things about how I write - which will inevitably happen when you spend so much time eye to eye with your own work, so ... 

  •  When I write ALL grammar goes out the window! I write in one long continuous flow separated by a lot of commas (I think I have an obsession with them! ,,,, lol)
  • I am an amazing waffler! I sometimes spend an entire paragraph saying pretty much the same thing in as many different poetic ways as I can! 
  • I tend to use some words obsessionally, like 'He' and 'She' - this is something I have to watch because when it's read aloud it sounds like a child learning to read! Not a good 'professional' look lol 
Are any writers out there the same? Please don't let me believe I'm on my own in this weirdness! 

I am looking forward to actually getting some writing done - if you read my last post you'll know I was ill before and over Christmas. Well my immune system has taken a battering and I've been ill again since then with a cold that went away and then came back again! I'm still in need of TLC but I'm getting restless and need to start writing again :)

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Writing of the Month for January ~ Red Wine & Frost

'There is something so wonderful about snow when it falls in urban landscapes, something utterly silent that hints of a deeper meaning . There are legends that thrive in every town and city when the first snowflakes appear and ours was that of the red headed woman. Created from the first hard frosts and melting away with the snowdrops, most people only saw her briefly and always just out of view - maybe disappearing down an alley or into an abandoned house.

What so haunted people was that she was as quiet as the snow, never making a sound as she walked dressed always in white with her dark red hair falling down her back like red wine, mingling and changing to fade into the red brick houses. She never spoke but moved in silence, elegant as a bird in flight. 

To some she would smile and the chills that wove their way along the skin of those she chose was enough to invoke a fascination for life. The Winter Woman, Snow Queen, The Redhead – she had as many nicknames as befitted a mystery as herself. Never aging, every generation had a story to tell of meeting her. As always there were those that didn't believe and created tales to scare their children  - but those that had a rare encounter with her were never quite the same.

I first saw her as a child just eight years old deep in snow on the street front, the snow suspended in my tight gloved hands, melting slowly and numbing my small fingers. Suddenly she was there standing in front of me. I had not heard her approach.  More amazing then they had described - she was as beautiful as a fairy tale. Silently she lightly touched the red brick walls of our  house, patterns and shards of frost raced along the walls forming the most intricate images. Smiling at me she turned on her heel and walked back the way she had come. I stared after her until the falling snow blurred all edges. I realised the snow I was shaping had stopped melting and my hands were warm and dry.'

Hi everyone and a Happy Prosperous 2015 to you all! 

I hope you all enjoy this 'Red Wine & Frost', it's the next one after 'A Season of Half-Light' - I wanted to write a flash fiction about every season encapsulated in a person. I've put the pressure on myself now to carry it on and have a Spring and Summer one too - it's strange thinking what sex a season would be? or what a season as a person would look and act like? but it's great to get creative with :) 

I've had a quiet Christmas and New Year as I'm still recovering from being ill, I'm catching up on all the sleep I missed. I hope you all had a wonderful festive period - any New Year resolutions?

Happy New Year!