Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! 

I hope you all have a wonderful festive season whatever you're doing :) 

As I write this I'm having a coffee with some homemade gingerbread... how very Christmassy! 

'Alchemy' has received a wonderful review on Portobello Book Blog -

'Jade Kennedy’s writing was very atmospheric, filled with emotion and at times mystical.'

It's so heartwarming as a writer to hear how much someone enjoyed your work, it makes it all worthwhile. It's a great defense for those days when you want to throw everything in the bin. So thank you from the bottom of heart to all my readers and reviewers! 

In other news I'm now in my 16th week of pregnancy and starting to feel the little one move about - I know it might be early but it's a weird but wonderful sensation that I've never felt before. It feels more like bubbles then fluttering and it is very active at night! lol I'm also still waiting for a present in the post for Carl that I ordered from Amazon - which they think has been delivered ... I beg to differ!

Have a lovely Wednesday and a fantastic Christmas... looking forward to begin back in the New Year!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Writing of the Month for December - 'Selene'

The light that obscured
the falling leaves of autumn,
has become the guiding light of winter nights
Laying beside the stars
and the soft lights of home,
they become a part of my soul
reflected in the darkness
and in my eyes as I grow moon shaped
Light is everlasting
and exudes a much needed calm
always carrying a hope
or a wish
of mine
to burn within 
released into the air like smoke. 

Hi everyone and welcome to December - I can't believe how fast the year has gone! (maybe that's a consequence of getting old!)

I hope you enjoy 'Selene' - she is the goddess of the moon in Greek Mythology. I don't write much poetry anymore, I seem to want to expand on my ideas and writing to make a longer prose/flash fiction piece so I am happy to be returning to poetry and its purity. I think this is a beautiful poem with a lovely atmosphere and as always with my writing has a element of the seasons throughout.

This poem also has a personal significance and this is why I've shared it today, especially including the line 'as I grow moon shaped' ... me and Carl have done something bonkers... we've made a baby!! I've already had my first scan and the baby is lovely and healthy and already doesn't enjoy being poked! lol :) 

It's a lovely surprise - and it definitely was a surprise, he/she wasn't planned. I'm due in June and my Mum is already making a baby blanket, she is so excited and I know she will be an amazing grandmother (she wants to be called Nan).

Hopefully 'Alchemy' should be getting some reviews soon! :) I'll keep you informed and also on the developments of the bump. 

Happy Tuesday 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Automatic Writing #16

'If I let my mind wander I find myself within a thorn bush, the thorns inches from my skin. Cold and shining with moisture they are joyfully enriched with a green and red blush. 

Thick stems dig deep into the earth, forcing the earth apart, spreading its roots far underground. I meditate in this place feeling safe touching the aura of nature. Returning to the ghost I left behind years ago I wonder if she knew I was leaving. Did she try to cling to the tea set as I walked out of the door for the final time. Did she ever want to find me? 

Sunlight breaks through the tangle of thorns creating a halo around each eyelash, as if my eyes are shrouded in golden frost.  No sounds of people,  just birds and the distant greeting of a fox. My breath is misting in front of me warming my face and gathering on the downward facing thorns to drip a trail down my bare arms.

The sharp aroma of stringent greenery, dark spiced earth and a ripe bitterness is intoxicating and lulls me to sleep. I awake to watch the sun sliding to the horizon and I think about my own roots, my past that stays with me like a burn, ridged and white, all down my back. I know the taste of poison and the heaviness of lies but as I sit in this cradle of thorns nothing is of any value any more. The faces of people are nothing, all that is, is here and now and the moon above me carrying my thoughts away.'

Hi everyone, 

It's a very wet mid November day here in Yorkshire and I thought this piece was very apt - not that I'm complaining I quiet like the cold. 

I wrote this last year, last November actually. I tried to mold this piece which I called 'Thorn Bush' into a flash fiction or poem for 'Alchemy' but it refused to be tamed so I thought I'd share it in it's raw state (with a tiny bit of editing) as an Automatic Writing and see what you all thought. 

I recently did an interview for a blog with a feature called 'Awesome Indies' - I'll let you know when that's on. 

Last Tuesday I went to watch 'Bill Bailey - Limboland' :D it was a fantastic night and a lovely night out with the hubby. Are there any other Bill Bailey fans that read my blog?

Also I realised that I haven't shared a picture of Tomas for a while so here you go... enjoy! I've named it 'Mr November' lol

Happy Tuesday 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

New Writing of the Month for November ~ Our Slumbering Oak Tree

'There was an area of my village where a tall and ancient oak tree slept. As far back as anyone could remember the tree had leaned and so it was always known as the slumbering oak. It stood next to the church which was just as ancient.

Our slumbering oak had a wonderful atmosphere, its gift was that whenever the sun shone - and no matter from which direction - it would illuminate the oak tree casting its shadow on the wall of the church. In summer with its amber sunlight, the leaves bowing and turning in the breeze it turned the church wall into a silhouette of a fairy-tale wood. 

All the children would come and stare in amazement at the scene, pointing out running rabbits and stalking wolves. A woman running with a stolen crown - then the scene would turn to rippling water as the breeze took hold and a new scene would play;  two children hand in hand carrying baskets, then a fluttering of snow and ice as a bear with her cubs ambled across the wall.

It delighted children for generations. Sometimes when the sun had set and the moon was at its brightest more scenes would play out unseen in silvers and whites. A couple sneaking away to keep their forbidden love a secret;  broken glass shattering and cutting the shadowy leaves. A woman, perhaps the one that stole the crown in the daytime, returned with a crown all of her own holding her hands towards the tree suddenly knowing she could be seen.  A cloud would cover the moon, blacking out the scene and the night would turn eerie and heavy. 

Many times churches where built upon places of old faiths and they in turn chose that spot for a reason. Our slumbering oak and the church where older than anyone knew. How old the magic was that they rested upon would probably never be known.'

Hello everyone and welcome to November! 

It's now time for dark nights, morning frosts and a multi-coloured display of falling leaves. I just love everything about Autumn! 

I hope you all had a lovely time yesterday if you celebrated Halloween, for all the effort Carl put into decorating the front garden we only had two Trick or Treaters! It's not all bad - it means there's a lot of leftover sweets that Carl is slowly munching through. I did get to carve some bats into a pumpkin and Carl did a Jack Skellington design on one :) 

I was inspired to write 'Our Slumbering Oak Tree' while watching the silhouettes of trees on the side of a building. To me, as a mad writer, it seemed magical - some parts flowed like water while others stayed the same and like cloud watching I could see many different shapes and images. I even took a photo! Anyway I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Sunday 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Last Dream

'I heard that when we die our brain activity increases - visions, smells and stories fill our mind.  Maybe this is what we see when we die. Maybe this is what forms the tales of those that cheat death.  Is this our last dream, something to prepare us for the vast unknown that comes to us all? 

Unlike the hauntings of  ghosts that don’t know or refuse to accept that they are dead … I knew.

A loved one didn't come for me and my life didn't unravel before me - just an endless falling through darkness. I watched my hands desperately grasp for something to cling to, my body's reflexes refusing accept they were no longer real.

Feeling less and less complete the further I fell, I let go of everything that made me flesh and blood; human - my thoughts, my ego, all beliefs flew upwards as I fell fluttering like cloth.

Hearing a ripping rippling sound my fears and last words poured from my open mouth like a held breath. My tears and grief seeped out from under my eyelashes. My last thoughts before all thought left me was of those I had left behind and the simple pleasures I would miss.

The Light filled the space effortlessly ... it came to me.'

Happy Halloween everyone! 

I hope you all enjoy 'The Last Dream'. I've been looking forward to sharing it for Halloween. It's not really scary but it's definitely a dark piece about death, I don't think I wanted to go down the horror route this year. I think this is a piece that gets you wondering. I hope some of you think of the real meaning of Halloween or Samhain and remember those that have passed away and can't be with us, lit some candles and think of some happy memories with them.

I want to share Alchemy again (I know, shameless - but I'm so pleased I have some of my lovely reviews on there now :) 

Carl as usual is going Halloween mad! He's heading out to decorate the front garden soon, I hope I get a pumpkin to carve.

Have a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Writing of the Month for October ~ Misplaced

She lit the candle carefully, her lips moving quickly and silently in a personal prayer. Cradling the fragile flame she finished with the words ‘so God knows where we are’. The light was placed before the window so all who passed the house could see, be they of flesh and bone or an ethereal being that had lost its own way. The only candle in the darkness - the only light illuminating their own ghostly wishes. Would they come and stare?

She wanted so much to believe that God had just misplaced them, had lost track of them in the ebb and flow of life. Maybe God would see this one small flickering light and like a lighthouse would be guided towards them and her prayers. Although invisible to us yet maybe all too real in the other realms, they would see her prayers and wishes scattered around the house piled high, desperate and pleading. 

God may find them again and they would be guided and protected once more - their dreams would be full of possibilities, and not of exile. She would never stop lighting the candles, even when her hands were aged and frail - she will light a candle so that ‘God knows where we are’ so that they will never be forgotten or lost again.

Hello everyone and hello October

I hope you enjoy 'Misplaced' it is another personal piece because I do this when I light candles, especially when things seem so awful that you have no idea which way to turn or what to do for the best. There is something very calming about giving up your problems to something higher, whether I am talking to myself or not it makes me feel better. Does anyone else do this? Anything similar like a worry box or actual prayer? 

'Alchemy' received another lovely review from a lovely lady called Ruty in Uruguay! (I'm going international!) 

''Alchemy' is a really beautiful book that despite being only 50-something pages long, it feels wider and it's extraordinary'

The full review is on Goodreads and - it will be on her blog later this month - Thank you again for the wonderful review Ruty. 

Also today is world vegetarian day! So a big high five to all the other vegetarians out there today :)

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Still Waters

This well is far too deep, deep and black,
a watery void.
These grey aging stones cling onto the surface
with bitter ambition.
Old and darkening adorned with olive-green mosses.

This well was built by my hands,
each stone laid under a waxing moon.
I am fated to drown beneath its brown shameful waters,
waters that flow so deep they touch
the very Past, Present, and Future.

I will sink ever further through stagnant tides
with my lungs overflowing and my eyes blind.
Sinking past the places beyond
the light of the living world

I will touch the solid core of the Earth with cold lifeless hands and wish that I did not feel.

Hello everyone 

'Still Waters' has been on my blog before - that was three years ago though (I don't like to put the same pieces on more then once).  It's in 'Alchemy' and is one of those poems that I always go back to whenever I read anything about depression. 

There is a reason I have shared this poem today. I know it's a bit late but 10th September was Suicide Prevention Day and I came across this poem The Morning after I Killed Myself by the very talented Meggie Royer. It really touched me and seemed to do the same with so many other people as it was shared around social media a number of times.

I have really struggled with depression during my life, although thankfully I have never had serious thoughts of suicide. Only the people who have suffered themselves will understand how it feels. 'Still Waters' is based on my own feelings and experiences with depression in that it sucks you under, smothers you - and not something you can 'get over' or stop feeling. 

To anyone reading this blog who is struggling with depression or any metal health problems I send you lots of love...

Happy Wednesday 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New Writing of the Month for September ~ Discarded Beliefs

'I was on the coast, in the north where the sea stays cold throughout the summer yet the beaches have a light solid warmth that gives way slowly to climbing heights of grassland, tough sinuous plants and rolling moors and hills - the kind of places people never think to stop and wonder. I was barefoot on a northern beach that was windswept and rustic even in the height of summer but the sun was scarring my skin, dancing on it and rippling like stray sparks.

I was deep in conversation with the sea as it claimed my toes and ankles, soaked into my pores. Whispering a greeting, naming those that had died and those who had been born since we last met. How the world had changed - how I had changed in so many ways.  I repeated the same last words over and over as I walked … ‘but we are still here, but we are still here’. It etched a memory into me of the familiar feeling of sand underfoot pulling away as the waves crept back but an unfamiliar one of peace.

Walking past shells and driftwood all framed in dark grains of sand I stopped to pull something buried as it glinted at me like lost treasure. Rosary beads washed clean by the tide, dark shiny stones resonating with faith. Further along the beach I found a small faded statue of the Virgin Mary, her features almost worn smooth.  I couldn't leave them to the sea, I couldn’t stop myself working my fingers over the smooth surfaces still speaking the words ‘but we are still here’.

I was drawn to a large pebble covered in runes and a drawing of Odin rolling in the surf - how I knew it was him I will never know - did he tell me his name? A reminder of the North's Scandinavian past - this part of England is still haunted by Norse gods and retold stories

...the discarded beliefs of the Northerners are everywhere.'

Hello dear readers and hello September!

'Discarded Beliefs' was inspired by my trips to the coast this summer with Carl - we have mainly been to Scarborough which is no where near as 'deserted' as the flash fiction portrays :) 

Carl in Scarborough 
The train journey up the coast to Scarborough is very pretty and it had me imagining and writing this piece in my head. I also read a lot of historical fiction and when they mention the North of England they paint a picture of very hardened rough people, slow to trust and stubborn in their beliefs. I can't help but smile and wonder if in some way they are describing some of my ancestors - some lines on my family go back to 1500s in Yorkshire.

Happy Tuesday 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Book Review #2

'Writing into the days and nights, needing less and less light to read her words, blocking out the light, shielding away from the windows like a flower closing its face to the dusk. Her finger tips grew soft and pooled out like melted wax, sticking to everything she touched. She stroked the cool walls with a deep yearning to walk them. Skin untouched by the sun, it paled to a translucent sheen with its visible marbling of blue-tinted veins.' - from Eden

'Alchemy' has received another wonderful review, this time a 5 star one from Kristianne at :) 

I am so delighted! It's an amazing moment as a writer when someone loves your work that much - on some level I still see my writing as the random thoughts in my head lol. Isn't the internet incredible - how could someone in Texas read the poetry and flash fictions of an indie author from Yorkshire before it.  

She said some lovely things about 'Alchemy', they really made my day and gave me such a confidence boost.

'I felt very connected with each piece in this collection and just with the collection as a whole; it really made me think and reflect on all of the themes being presented in a particular piece. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite because I enjoyed all of it but I do feel as though Eden might be my favorite. It was breathtaking and I wish I had more to read!' 

I also need to share my Mum's new-look website, it's had a fantastic make over and looks gorgeous - Julie Kennedy Art . Her art is beautiful and I was so proud to have her art as the cover for 'Alchemy'. 

Happy Wednesday 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Book Review

'The songs grew more desperate, his visits longer each morning, a swift imploring look in his eyes, a wishing to talk to me, tell me his real name, his story, something for my heart alone. In my lack of sleep, blackbirds flew from every shadow, walked across my fingers and across my thoughts – his song wasn’t finished so my eyes didn’t close.' - 'Blackbird' from Alchemy

'Alchemy' has received a wonderful review on Book Twister Reviews -

'I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading each individual poem and piece of flash fiction held within Alchemy‘s pages, and Kennedy’s dive into the world of magical realism was both collected and graceful.
Even though I was drawn more towards the flash fiction sections of the collection, particularly ‘Poppies in the Snow’ and ‘Blackbird’ (because old habits die hard), the poems were equally enticing to read.'

Thank you so much Holly for a lovely review! I'm so thrilled to have another great review, as any writer knows they can be nail-bitingly scary and it's so nice to be receiving reviews again after 'Silver Threads' sad story. 'Alchemy' is on Goodreads if anyone else wants to add/review it, also add me as a friend - I'm making my way through all the Poldark books right now :) 

Also I've had my piece 'Renaissance' on Morgen Baileys Flash Fiction Fridays (it's always lovely to be on her blog) - It's also in 'Alchemy'.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

New Writing of the Month for August ~ Lammas

The sun is bleaching my skin, my bones, my fingertips – my mind is a burnt out space of sparkling whites and dark yellow hues.

When I close my eyes, I can still see the sun and it brings so many memories each year. Everything is vivid and intense, the air is heavy and I am assaulted by memories of rough tartan blankets, kites and car fumes. White towers hold a prominent place in my thoughts as all else moves and undulates before it, never moving closer or further away.

There’s the metallic smell of coins, bronzed and dirty with age, sand and bitter tasting greenery. Burnt swollen emotions sit with their toes dipped in the lake, avoiding the green algae that drifts forever onwards. Dark nights stifled with heat and static are followed by early mornings that long for the sunlight and birdsong.

Hi everyone and welcome to August! 

This time last month I was suffering during a mini heatwave and now it's a bit cold for this time of year - it's my kinda summer! lol 

I hope you enjoy Lammas, it's part of the gorgeous 'Alchemy' which is on AmazonGoogle BooksiBooks & Kobo - just to name a few.

Being an indie author really isn't easy but then being with an awful publisher (my collection of poetry "Silver Threads") was even worse! I enjoy having control over my own work but it's been slow progress. I have a few reviews lined up which is fantastic, I'm really hoping they're good, I don't mind it when it's not people's cup of tea but a scathing review is just horrible for the author. 

If anyone has read 'Alchemy' please add it on Goodreads - every little helps us indie authors :) 

I will have my piece 'Renaissance' on Flash Fiction Fridays on Morgen Bailey's blog on Friday coming (7th) - I'll share the link on Twitter when it's on. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Alchemy is now available to buy from Amazon *excited jig!* 

Although it's been available to buy from epubli for a week (with links to buy from Kobo, iBooks and Google Books) I've been waiting to write a blog post until it was on Amazon :) 

I'm so happy with it - it looks amazing inside and out, that's all thanks to my mum for the gorgeous artwork and the editing wizard Morgen. Also maybe the author had a little input as well lol 

I have my first review on Goodreads from Nicki J Markus who reviewed 'Silver Threads' a few years ago and she was lovely enough to give 'Alchemy' a great review as well - the review will be on her blog on Thursday.

'Alchemy by Jade Kennedy offers a delightful collection of thought-provoking poems and vignettes. Two of my favourites were Mosaic and Glass Butterflies. Worth a look if you like your poems abstract and atmospheric.' 

I have another review coming soon from a book blogger that also reviewed 'Silver Threads' - bless the book bloggers!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, I know I will.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

New Writing of the Month for July ~ If Only

If she could only be one of those
those who gild their wording in gold

who speak in rustic,
                              autumnal hues
and bring forth the world, one thought at a time.

Her voice emerges slowly
carved in inky blacks and ashen whites
fracturing the laden air, dissipating.

She is the unread,
                         mispronounced and unrefined.
She wishes to reach out and touch
with fingers tinted in poetry
painted in midnight blues by circumstance

to talk of the stars, to believe she could reach them.

Hi everyone and my sympathies if you're like me and suffering in this UK heat! I've never been a fan of hot weather. 

I have shared 'If Only' today because even though it's not new writing (I wrote this back in 2011-2012) and it has been/is in collections I've written, it's never been on my blog! Weird I know. Also 'If Only' was featured in Vine Leaves Journal issue 11  and they have recently started a print version of their lovely magazine so I had to buy the issue and share the poem on here today.

I have been making progress with my ebook 'Alchemy' - I have admitted defeat and handed the production over to a company called ePubli. All s going well - I should see my finished ebook available around the 10th :) If any book bloggers are reading this and would like it to review 'Alchemy' just email me - - it would be really appreciated. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


My spine wills to arch
in a beautiful,
brittle curve
inwards to my core. 

Fingers fused to pale knuckles 
as if sculpted into marble, 
a questioning gesture.  

My left arm is folded across my chest, 
a shield of bones
defending my breath and pulse. 

Neck twisting, contorting
to make me listen evermore.  
If my lips and tired eyes
contorted into unconscious forms, 

would I be perfection?

Hi everyone

I hope you enjoy 'Expectations' from my poetry collection 'Silver Threads' - this collection feels long forgotten now sadly but here's the link if you want to go and see it. 

I said in my blog post on the 1st that I hoped I would have something to say by the next one but sadly that's not the case. Everything in my writing career is depressingly quiet - with a few rejections thrown in for good measure. I think this is why I have chosen to share 'Expectations' today - I have no idea what or how I should be in order to succeed and be noticed in the writing world! I don't seem to fit anywhere.

I decided right at the beginning with my new collection 'Alchemy' that if no-one wanted it I would try and do it myself (only in ebook form to start with) - so that's what I am going to do. I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world so it's not going to be easy - please wish me luck :) 

This is the wonderful artwork that will be the cover of 'Alchemy' - painted by my very talented Mum.

Happy Wednesday 

Monday, 1 June 2015

New Writing of the Month for June ~ Wayward Thoughts

'Watching her thoughts as they fly past; emerging from the tips of her hair and capturing them in her hands, feeling the light fast beating of their hearts, their core, the fragile milky wings. She blew them away with a kiss. Some flew towards the setting sun, some into the clouds. Others struggled and lay defeated amongst the flowers laying on their backs in puddles, slowly drifting. As night came these wayward thoughts started to burn like fireflies, brighter and longer, illuminating the garden like a fallen star until they smoldered into ash and were no more. They left the feeling of a blessing as if their demise had been necessary - some things are not meant to fly away but stay and bring joy to wherever they stay. If anyone knew what happened to the thoughts that escaped such a fate, they never spoke of it'

Hello everyone and welcome to June.

I hope you enjoy this prose piece written back in April - it is amazing what you can come out with when you let your mind wander. I love the concept of 'Wayward Thoughts', seeing thoughts as physical things with a will and fate of their own. 

This is going to be a short blog post because I'm afraid I have nothing much to report - it's been very quiet. I would like to say hello and welcome to my two new followers :) I really appreciate you taking the time to come and read my blog. 

Hopefully I'll have more to talk about next time - have a wonderful Monday.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Automatic Writing #15

'There is wonder in the quietness, a hush before the chaos, an in-taking of breath before we speak and what will we speak of. What is worthy enough for us to form our thoughts into words? Why speak when we can watch and listen - partake in life without a sound?  Simply hold the sunlight and wish for silence, wish for another season another turn of the earth before you have to move again, before we can all dream again.

It's not the footprints on my soul that worry me, it’s the footprints that are not there. It’s the people whose faces are fading - no footprints, no memories, no feelings.  Am I sure they exist? 

To me and you it is just enough to be … it is just enough to breathe… to love… to see sparks when we love and to witness wonder when we dream"

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoy this latest automatic writing (written in December) - the last automatic writing was back in January. 

I am fascinated by memory - it features frequently in my writing. I'm interested in how it fades and deteriorates over time. How memories can come across darker or lighter depending on the emotions attached to it. How people and conversations seem to disappear into the shadows, it's really amazing ... to me anyway. 

For some reason I'm having seriously weird dreams so the line 'to witness wonder when we dream' is a tad ironic! lol Last night's dream seemed to be centered around roast potatoes .. I have not got a clue why! Maybe I'm in need ...

Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, 1 May 2015

New Writing of the Month for May ~ Salt and Light

So much feeling,
that it stains her hands with salt and light.
The smallest prisms,
the smallest cries.

I heard her as if from far away call for pen and paper,
she calls for the memories to stop,
and wishes that they could fall into her hands
as soft and feeble as tissue
ready and eager to be destroyed.

Hello everyone and hello May - usually a gorgeous month though today I've been chilled to the bone!

This is a brand new piece of writing (as the blog title suggests) I wrote it last month. I love the simplicity and imagery, also the symbolism of salt and light - both are purifying elements and a symbol of new beginnings which I think is a strong undercurrent in this poem. 

I went to the book launch of 'The Beach Hut' last night at my local Waterstones, written by the wonderful Cassandra Parkin who has been my 'Facebook friend' for many years. I have now met her in the flesh and can confirm she is as lovely as she is on social media.

My flash fiction 'Poppies in the Snow' was included in Flash Flood Journal again this year :) It's wonderful to be a part of the flood again. 

Also yesterday was my blog anniversary! Three years I have been posting my writing and talking gibberish! lol I would like to thank everyone that visits and reads regularly, my 36 followers and the people that stumble across this blog. I won't lie and say that Borrowed Expressions is a popular blog but you are all greatly appreciated! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me :) 

I'll leave you with a picture of Tomas .... because there just aren't enough pictures of cats on the internet.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Silver Threads

When those silver threads weave,
as soft and tender as white starlight
curling in tendrils through and within,
                                                        her crimson demure

was carried on a Celtic verse,
spoken around tribal firelight,
when fire fled across the dying summer sky

It was her curse to cradle,
in all its raw iridescent facets,
braided and fused into her ancestry
told in sagas, bred into myth,
of women from the East with flowing silvered hair.

Hi everyone, 

I have spoken a few times about my first poetry collection 'Silver Threads' (that never became a 'real book') but I have not shared the poem that inspired its name! 

The poem was inspired by my ancestry - we tend to go grey or a whitish silver in my family and usually quite early. Yes that means I have a few threads of silver already in my hair and I'm also allergic to hair dye! *cue the small violin*. I think this comes from my maternal grandfather's mother's side, apparently he started going white at the age of 16! The family comes from the East Riding of Yorkshire - me and my Mum even found the grave of my 6 x great grandparents in Etton churchyard.

Also the beautiful artwork is the cover for 'Silver Threads' painted by my lovely Mum.

Nothing much has happened since the first of the month, it's been boring but very sunny here in Yorkshire. I'm in a bit of a depressed writing rut since I received a rejection at the end of March - I'm going through the stage of 'I'm not writing again' nonsense! Like I could stop myself. I've not written anything since and I've been struggling to finish a flash fiction. I hope I get out this rut soon.

Happy Wednesday :)