Monday, 1 December 2014

New Writing of the Month for December ~ Seed Pearls and Secrets

'We had a lot of secrets. Each one like a seed pearl that formed a chain held together with gossamer threads and they wove around our necks and wrists, our midriffs and bare ankles until we were made of pearls, made from small perfectly formed secrets and no one could know our true form.

He said to me in an urgent whisper;

‘Who are you to think you are a child of the stars?  We belong on the fast flowing river bed, we belong where the silt shifts and moves under our feet and we are the ones that make beauty from nothing’

So we crouched among those shifting sands and watched the moon rise and fall through red rimmed eyes and a glassy watery home. The light that fell from either sun or moon was spilt upon the surface and never cast upon my face. The rivers moved faster, the current deeper, the murky bed of river ever further away from the light, ever further towards the core of the earth and we sat in silence for a hundred years and a day.

My eyelashes had become white, my skin had grown old.  I was a woman made of aging paper but my mind was still sharp and my strength had never failed me. I broke those seed pearls one by one scattering their luminescent beauty out to the deep currents. Liberating myself from a silent life, sowing secrets onto my ever growing gown of gossamer threads and river pearls, I headed for the light thinking only of breaking the surface.'

Hello everyone

Ok I confess that this isn't 'New' I wrote it a while ago but it is new as in it hasn't been seen before, not on this blog or any where else online - I thought it deserved its debut. 

All my writing has a magical ethereal quality. I enjoy writing about myths, legends and things that can't be explained. 

This is why I've chosen the name 'Alchemy' for a collection of my work that I'm putting together. It's a collection of poetry, prose and flash fiction. You don't realise how much work you've actually got until you put a collection together! lol It all came out of the woodwork - writing that I had completely forgotten about. It was lovely to read it all again, I'm in the process of choosing all the pieces I want in and doing a bit of editing. 

In other news it's the first of December and 'The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2014' is out today! We have our copy already (my Mum bought it and I have to share lol) It's a gorgeous book - really well put together with such talented writers and photographers. You can buy it on Amazon and also direct from Vine Leaves Literary Journal

My flash fiction 'Poppies in the Snow' will be on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Fridays this Friday 5th - I'll post this on Twitter on the day and on the next blog post.

Have a wonderful Monday :)


  1. Love it , BTW beautiful pieces in vine leaves journal too. Congratulations Jade, hope its the start of more to come xx

    1. Hi Bernadette

      Thanks for reading and for the congratulations. I really hope that it's the start of more to come as well, fingers crossed :)