Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Writing of the Month for November ~ Whispers

You will cross my palm with silver she whispered to me.
It fell through her fingers
and lay as pools of bronze and gold.
Her eyes a honeyed amber like those of a stalking vixen. 

As I gazed on her face the tips of her hair grew a startling white
and she told me of a distant future that
I could almost taste. 
It lingered on my tongue and lost itself in my drifting thoughts.

Do not trust all that you can see … 

Do not dismiss all that you cannot.

Well first things first Carl has a lot of leftover Halloween sweets! We only had three trick-or-treaters so he has a lot left to eat - I'm sure he will enjoy every minute of stuffing his face lol 

'Whispers' was written for a picture prompt (not the above picture) on Google+ and I thought the red and Autumn-y vibes would be perfect for November, though it definitely doesn't feel like the beginning of November here in Yorkshire today because it's really warm.

It was a wonderful feeling being on Word Bohemia with 'The Storm' last night, I received some lovely compliments from the editor which made my day! 

Also I am very happy to be back on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Fridays again! :) My flash fiction 'A Season of Half-Light' will be on 7th November and 'Poppies in the Snow' 5th December - I will share the links on Twitter on the day and on the next blog post. 

Have a fantastic weekend 

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