Sunday, 16 November 2014

Old Perfume

My angel wears old shoes with thin laces that she ties loosely and a long skirt patched with multi-coloured fabric, rich in cotton.  She has long curly hair and a hidden face. Draped in scarves and long sleeves she is unashamedly and proudly gypsy as songs linger around her like old perfume. 

Sitting at the edge of the bed she watched me play games of reality and dreams; like a game of chess I dabbled in visions of black and white messages and spoke to the ghosts that still longed to be heard. 

I decided she was real and watched her fasten her shoes, all the while fading in and out of life. I waved at her and as she waved back she swore to me this was not my last day.

Hello lovely readers!

I hope you enjoy 'Old Perfume' it's a new prose piece that I 'found' last night, I'd written it back in August and came across it again and gave it a polish. 

I wrote this thinking about my experience with meningitis in 2002. I was really ill and kept seeing people sitting on the empty beds around the HD unit. I saw a woman sitting next to me, tying her shoes and she waved to me. I still have no idea if I was dreaming or not. Also throughout my illness, even though it was 50/50 if I'd survive or not, I just knew I wasn't going to die - I felt like someone or something wouldn't let me think of the worse case scenario because it wasn't going to happen. Anyway it all turned out ok as here I am today talking nonsense lol

In other news 'The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2014' is now listed on Goodreads so go add it to your 'want to read' list if you're a member :) Also my flash fiction 'A Season of Half-Light' was on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Fridays on the 7th November and I had some wonderful comments that really made my day. 

Have a lovely Sunday :)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Writing of the Month for November ~ Whispers

You will cross my palm with silver she whispered to me.
It fell through her fingers
and lay as pools of bronze and gold.
Her eyes a honeyed amber like those of a stalking vixen. 

As I gazed on her face the tips of her hair grew a startling white
and she told me of a distant future that
I could almost taste. 
It lingered on my tongue and lost itself in my drifting thoughts.

Do not trust all that you can see … 

Do not dismiss all that you cannot.

Well first things first Carl has a lot of leftover Halloween sweets! We only had three trick-or-treaters so he has a lot left to eat - I'm sure he will enjoy every minute of stuffing his face lol 

'Whispers' was written for a picture prompt (not the above picture) on Google+ and I thought the red and Autumn-y vibes would be perfect for November, though it definitely doesn't feel like the beginning of November here in Yorkshire today because it's really warm.

It was a wonderful feeling being on Word Bohemia with 'The Storm' last night, I received some lovely compliments from the editor which made my day! 

Also I am very happy to be back on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Fridays again! :) My flash fiction 'A Season of Half-Light' will be on 7th November and 'Poppies in the Snow' 5th December - I will share the links on Twitter on the day and on the next blog post. 

Have a fantastic weekend