Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Once upon a barren night 
when the starless sky was as black as black had always been 
and the sea was restless, forever listless 

the trees breathed within the dark 
their branches stretching and twisting, 
growing and snapping 
searching for the amber moon, always elusive. 

Their wooden roots dug deeper 
into the black, within the earth's suffocation 
curling and feeling, blind. 

This was all too silent and slow to be seen, 

Life is created in the dark.

The nights are drawing in - it's getting darker! 

I thought I'd share 'Darkness' today, it's from 'Silver Threads' and hasn't had much exposure so I thought it deserved it's moment in the sun ... so to speak lol :)

You can read the whole collection of Silver Threads on Google Drive now, there are quite a few poems in there that I've not shared on here, I think I should feature some others. 

Yesterday I was looking through a collection of poetry from when I was a member of All Poetry, I was looking for something a bit dark and scary for Halloween and I came across a poem I wrote for a Halloween competition on the website about a female serial killer!! lol I was a bit out of my comfort zone writing it but it's very graphic! I remember thinking at the time that I didn't know whether to be proud or horrified of my dark side... 

'Not once did he awake,
as she swung, with blood lust driving weakened muscles.
Now he would never wake again,
Polished wood connected with greasy skin,
with a hollow sickening thud.
Crushing sinew and bone,
rupturing veins in a hot scarlet spray.' 

That's a snippet from it... don't say I didn't warn you! lol

I'll see you all at Halloween - I'm sure it won't be too hard to find something dark :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday 

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