Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween ~ The Darkest Hour

'It was just past the darkest hour of the night. Even the moon in her thin sickle form was wearing a shadowy veil of cloud that flickered in and out of the gaps in the curtain briefly illuminating the sudden imprints of a body on my quilt. I could make out feet bigger then a mans, more animal like than human and it shifted its weight from foot to foot deepening the imprints. Darkening the white sheets like a burn mark in an otherwise perfect landscape.

I was cold and lifeless, all the strength having fled my body as the being made its presence known. I was lying on my back, my arms heavy at my sides feeling like they were made of chipped and aging marble. My head was looking to the side, my hair over one eye and being unable to brush it away I watched it quiver with each racing heartbeat.

I was engulfed within the smells of charcoal, ashes and dirt, my tongue became heavy and metallic as if encased in gold. It moved from just watching my suffering to climb on my chest, its heavy, dark weight upon my ribs. I could hear and feel my breathing labour, it was slowing, quieting, leaving me just a whisper of breath to sustain me.

Was this death?

It was growling its hated for my life, feeling my heart beating underneath its feet. I kept slipping from the world walking to and from dreamland. Thinking of my mother, her tired face as she met God - had I disappointed her? I witnessed the coming dawn so far away waking others from their own nightmares. Feeling the tears and tasting the salt of my own fear I could smell the overpowering aroma of a thousand roses, it was my mother’s name, my mother’s flower. I heard her enter the room. The smell was now mixing in the air with the stench of burning hair I could hear the growing crackling, I wanted to gag the smell coated my senses choking me.

I embraced the darkest hour and its dark blue textures and fell through the bed, the floor, still motionless and without feeling - having never awoken from my own nightmare that the coming dawn had done for so many others before me.'

Well this is a bit different isn't it? lol I enjoy writing dark pieces when I'm in the mood and I thought I'd save this one for Halloween. I wrote this for a prompt for an online magazine, I don't know why but I took it along a darker route - I suppose it's just what came to me. It might be the reason it wasn't accepted though lol Oh well I get to share it today with you all when all dark and creepy writing is encouraged :)

You really can get inspiration from anywhere! This was inspired by sleep paralysis ...

From Wikipedia - 

Sleep Paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (such as an intruder in the room) to which one is unable to react due to paralysis, and physical experiences (such as strong current running through the upper body). 

The wonderful painting is by Henry Fuseli called 'The Nightmare' 

I am thrilled and ecstatic to be included in 'The Best of Vines Leaves Literary Journal 2014'! With both prose and poetry, my poem 'If Only' and prose piece 'India' (these are the only two pieces that have been accepted in Vine Leaves - I can't help feeling very proud and smug about this! lol) 

It's available to buy 1st December but you can pre-order it here 

Also I am happy to say I will have my flash fiction 'The Storm' in Word Bohemia  at 6:27 GMT today - I will share the link on Twitter and in tomorrows post.

I hope you all have a chilling Halloween - Carl my husband is dressed up with a cauldron of sweets waiting for the trick or treat-ers, hopeful some kids will turn up or he will be eating them all himself lol I'll let you all know tomorrow (New Writing for November) if he has stomach ache or not :) 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Once upon a barren night 
when the starless sky was as black as black had always been 
and the sea was restless, forever listless 

the trees breathed within the dark 
their branches stretching and twisting, 
growing and snapping 
searching for the amber moon, always elusive. 

Their wooden roots dug deeper 
into the black, within the earth's suffocation 
curling and feeling, blind. 

This was all too silent and slow to be seen, 

Life is created in the dark.

The nights are drawing in - it's getting darker! 

I thought I'd share 'Darkness' today, it's from 'Silver Threads' and hasn't had much exposure so I thought it deserved it's moment in the sun ... so to speak lol :)

You can read the whole collection of Silver Threads on Google Drive now, there are quite a few poems in there that I've not shared on here, I think I should feature some others. 

Yesterday I was looking through a collection of poetry from when I was a member of All Poetry, I was looking for something a bit dark and scary for Halloween and I came across a poem I wrote for a Halloween competition on the website about a female serial killer!! lol I was a bit out of my comfort zone writing it but it's very graphic! I remember thinking at the time that I didn't know whether to be proud or horrified of my dark side... 

'Not once did he awake,
as she swung, with blood lust driving weakened muscles.
Now he would never wake again,
Polished wood connected with greasy skin,
with a hollow sickening thud.
Crushing sinew and bone,
rupturing veins in a hot scarlet spray.' 

That's a snippet from it... don't say I didn't warn you! lol

I'll see you all at Halloween - I'm sure it won't be too hard to find something dark :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New Writing of the Month for October ~ A Season of Half-Light

'I once met a man who was breathing in autumn colours, a spirit of this season and saturated in its stories, myths and magic. His hair was as black as an encroaching starless night, his eyes an icy light blue and he spoke with the warm whiskey lilt of the Irish.

He was only seen during the autumn days and no-one knew where he went for the rest of the year. We listened closely to every word he said as he was a once in a year treat. Singing songs with his guitar knee high in rusted leaves, his voice resounding deeply off the surrounding trees, ice travelled along the strings matching the notes he chose. 

Enchanting songs of love and loss, of war and its pointlessness, of legends of his home - purity at their core. When he wasn't singing of days and faces only he could name he sat and wrote his lyrics on any paper he could find, half-hearted or careless he gave them away or they slipped through his fingers as he chased the turning leaves, following those golds, reds and velvet browns. Fading away like autumn mists when the trees gave nothing to the skyline but darkened, bare branches. I gathered them up like precious memories, saving as many as I could find -

...'The coldness is reaching out to claim its own again ... working its way up every tree where wickedness is made and broken underneath ... but my spirit and I walk afraid through this season of half-light'...

Small fragments of a man we all believed was a beautiful ghost. I didn't know if my collection of lyrics would witness the first snowfall or turn to mist themselves like their unknowable creator.'

Hello everyone, can you feel Autumn 'claiming its own again'? 

I'm extremely pleased with this flash fiction. I think I have gotten myself out of a bit of a writing rut - I'm really thankful for a bit of inspiration. 

I think you can tell from this piece and others in the past how much I love Autumn, it's definitely my favourite season - there is something very magical about it :)

I am thrilled to be in Paper Swans - Issue 4 - which came out today with my flash fictions 'Old Norse', 'Eden' and 'Blackbird', along with some other wonderful writers too. 

Also tomorrow is National Poetry Day on the theme of 'Remember' and poets out there can join in on Twitter @PoetryDayUK - I'll see what I can contribute as well either on here or on my Twitter @JadeJo_Ann

Happy Wednesday :)