Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Very Late New Writing of the Month for September ~ Lucy

An angel walks beside me with bare feet

Braided hair, eyes changing in melody

dark green.
When she speaks her words come concealed in breath of an ocean blue

We walked until the sky fell.

The flowers gave up their colour

in a swirl of metallic pollen...
and someone 
was in the sky
turning the stars into diamonds.

We were standing at the beginning of time.

It's 2nd of September I know, I know! It wasn't until 11pm last night that I realised what day it was - please forgive me lol 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the offering for this month. Inspired by a prompt on Google+ and I hope you can all tell which 'Beatles' song I was thinking of when I wrote it ... if not, here it is :)

So I managed to complete my mad week of writing and wrote something everyday. To be precise that's 1422 words (I know this is nothing to novel writers, but hey I'm a fickle poet at heart) this includes four new poems, a prose piece and quite a lot of automatic writing. I'm proud of myself and I think it was a very productive week but I stand by my original thought that writing everyday is not for me  One of the last things I wrote sums up my feelings quite well I think ...

'it’s like trying to create a tapestry with thin single threads and never waiting for it to grow in beauty and length'

There needs to be more said for thinking writing over before committing pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard in my case.

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

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