Sunday, 24 August 2014

Automatic Writing #13

'It’s all changed again - from darkness to light, from sorrow to harmony and back again. Moods and phases, fleeting, transient and shifting masks, faces and fingers, bones snapping honed and wise. 

Waiting and questioning my wisdom and words, my blues and whites that fall from the nearest falling stars. Changed and warped, change is brewing gathering in the winds. Though they may appear still and silent lacking in lustre and intellect, it is written on every leaf, every small feather that crosses our paths.

And you cannot be told to find interest in others. Your own hands and face are far more vivid, living in the now knowing your own skin and every knoll like a tree like a landscape - like a pattern in fast flowing water. Visions and magic swirling together and carried away before we have a chance to grasp - before we even know.'

It's well past time that I shared some more automatic writing - the last time was back in June! I wrote this in November last year and thought it was too nice and intriguing not to share so I hope you enjoy it :) 

I don't have any writing news to report, it's all very quiet out there - I've noticed this happens most Augusts, I wonder if it's a school holidays' thing?

Anyway I am planning a productive week (starting with this blog post lol). I am going to take the age old writers' advice and write something everyday, writing as much as I can in a week and see where it takes me! I don't usually write this way and always thought I'd just write rubbish if I had to write 'something' everyday, but we will see. One reason for this is that I haven't been writing much this summer and want to get out of that rut and the other is that Carl has gone to Ripon in North Yorkshire for a whole week with his job so besides time with Mum after she's been to work I'll have plenty of alone time when she is in bed (I am a definite night owl) lol I am really gonna miss him though, I think another reason is to distract myself :( 

I'll let you all know how my week of writing madness goes on 1st September for New Writing of the Month. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Change of Name and Some Micro Poetry

Hello everyone, what a change this will be!

From today the URL of this blog will be instead of jadekennedypoet and the name has changed to 'Borrowed Expressions' -  I've had a long think about this and the blog is more than just poetry now. Back when I started the blog in April 2012 all I wrote was poetry, even though I will always be a poet at heart I've now branched out into writing prose, flash fiction and even play writing. (Me and my Mum's play 'Dragonflies in Amber' is now available to read on GoogleDrive, there is a link at the top as well.)

So I've decided to give it a more creative and abstract name :) 

Also the name 'Borrowed Expressions' is from a prose piece I wrote called 'A Collection' 

'She was one for collecting. She collected anything with a face; dolls, teddies, cards with wide smiles, reflections, drawings and sketches. She even had a chest full of memories, of faces from other people's loved ones all sewn onto a cloth of yellow, fraying at the edges.

 ....  I couldn't help being fascinated by her - she was my greatest friend and I loved her
just as she was, with or without those borrowed expressions.'

I hope you all like the new name, it also ties in with my Twitter bio and my writer bio that I give out with submissions - they both have 'A collector of borrowed expressions' 

Also I hope you enjoy the micro poetry - I've been experimenting with a new photo editor program, both the writing and the pictures are mine :D The pics are from my trip to Scarborough - Yorkshire is a gorgeous place!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a stormy one if you live in Yorkshire lol :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

New Writing of the Month for August ~ Over the Edge

'My first memory of the coastline was overwhelming.  I had been confronted by a vast blue, a nothingness of water stretching out towards an indigo line that shimmered with the summer heat. Those first smells were of salt, warmth, cotton, excitement. The sand crystals moved between my toes, a new and profound experience for me. I remember it was on that day that I first heard the myth that would stay with me till my last breath.

My brother had brought me here. He was an elegant swimmer and came to sit beside me afterwards, the salt drying to pure white chips in his hair. He gave me a shell and told me to listen carefully to the sounds it made when I held it to my ear. It held within it a roaring, the sounds of a whispering anger, a crashing and churning. I looked at him as if he had woven magic around me - how had he contained the sea in a shell?

He told me that this was the sound of the seas as they ran off the earth, that the world was flat and every horizon was an ending, and that the seas lost their grip on the solid ocean floor flowing away as a endless waterfall. He couldn’t tell me where the water went or how far away the end of the world was even though I was eager to know. I conjured up images of the water cascading into the waiting arms of God and that they came back to us as rain, that the mist and steam that came from waterfalls created an everlasting rainbow somewhere out on the waves. I imaged what could be the last view of the world before taking that leap of faith, would it be like falling into the sky or into a deep carving in the earth?

What happened to life in the sea that strayed too close? What became of the sea floor, the corals and rotting wooden beams of the shipwrecks - did they also fall away? My brother couldn’t answer these questions but looked wistfully at me and made a promise that when we were both older and wiser we would buy a boat and go out as far as we dare to look out over the edge, maybe we would be the very first to see the face of God.'

Hi everyone, it's another new month and another flash fiction.

I hope you enjoy 'Over the Edge', I love any myths, legends or old beliefs - I'm starting to write quite a few flash fictions based around them. I entered this into a competition but it didn't place so I've shared it on here :) It also has a summer theme that I though was perfect for the start of August. 

I have had my flash fiction pieces 'Poppies in the Snow' and 'Light Shadow' included in a wonderful iPamplet by Paper Swans (Issue 3), - there are some great flash fictions in here. I first found Paper Swans on Twitter and they are lovely people who are great supporters of writers of poetry and flash fiction. 

I'll leave you with a picture of Tomas who is not only my writing buddy but now my reading buddy - but I don't think his is fan of Philippa Gregory! lol

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend :)