Friday, 18 July 2014

Flash Fiction ~ Light Shadow

We are taught that we are blessed - too far away and all life would never have begun, the earth would have become as cold and lifeless as iron. Too close and our planet would have raged under clouds of toxins and withered under its own suffocating heat. We live perfectly, travelling through a green and vibrant celestial sea around our young sun.

We saw our fellow traveller early in the 1700’s through a modern telescope, a work of art sculpted out of bronze and glass by an avid Irish stargazer. Best seen at dusk, close to the setting sun it was named ‘Scáth Éadrom’ meaning ‘Light Shadow’, we were suddenly not alone in our tranquil green sea and this planet faced us, as our shadow from across the stars. Many poems and stories followed its discovery and its magic worked its way into our fairy tales and myths.

Some said the people living there where giants of fortune and abundance, they lived and breathed in silver and gold, every wish cast during a waxing moon upon Light Shadow was sure to be granted. In some tales this was a planet of red and deep madness, of a people that lived in caves with no eyes or mouths and knew nothing of their own or our existence and that wishes cast, could not been seen by blind eyes or that blindness itself would befall the hopeful.

As the years carried us forwards technology shone a curious light on ‘Light Shadow’ and it was discovered to be a fruitful Eden, green and lush like our own, with land and sea, a large atmosphere, even more curiosity was created by these discoveries. Scientists wrote book after book of theories, meanings and predictions, gave heated and grand debates. Technology could not evolve fast enough, we were falling over ourselves to find a way to finally speak over the void of space. When the time came to broadcast our voices to our long unknown neighbours it was greeted with uncontained joy and time consuming preparation. Our world was for once deathly silent as the greeting was carried into space, breath held, heartbeat quietened, children silenced, history was waiting. We received nothing more than white noise and a heartbreaking quiet.

Hello everyone :) 

I hope you enjoy 'Light Shadow', it's the only one of my flash fictions that has a slight sci-fi feel to it. It's been on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Friday's before but not on my blog so it was about time I featured it. I enjoy sci-fi. it's something that Carl and me both like watching together. 

Issue 11 of Vine Leaves Literary Journal is now available to download and I have the honour of being in this issue with my poem 'If Only' on page 40 - there are always amazingly talented writers in Vine Leaves and I am thrilled to be in there with them :) 

It has been really hot in Yorkshire recently so there hasn't been much to do but write - too hot to do anything else (well that's my excuse for not cleaning lol). I did have a lovely day out the other day with Carl, we went to Scarborough and Whitby - if anyone knows Yorkshire you'll know how beautiful it is around there. The picture is of us in Scarborough, where we bought loads of rock :D

Have a wonderful weekend 

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