Friday, 13 June 2014

Automatic Writing #12

'We have flecks of gold that run in our streams and we find them on the beaches and cherish them as sand. Hidden beneath the stones and rocks that litter the shore are things we buried to keep the sea at bay, to find a loved one, something to unlock the things lost at sea.
We are a people fed on myths, our own myths and all our history that comes before us. We know of knights and dragons before we learn to walk, we know that true warriors know when it is their day to die so paint their bodies with the colours of the earth and walk knowing that it's not a sin to leave this green plain that is home when death welcomes us.

We draw the symbols that have been braided into our souls by generations who knew of nothing during the long winters but watching the stars. Our own soils hold dear to them a layer of blood for every hundred mortal years, scattered with pennies from fallen royal idols. We have in our veins the rains that fall, the clouds that shroud all our mountains and held in our hands are the summers of a golden childhood and those days that separated us from the heavens. We are and always will be made to walk these hills, barefoot on an island, built on songs, brine and legend.'

Some more automatic writing was long over due - The last time I shared some was back in February! So here is the 12th installment, it has a patriotic vibe to it, a slight Arthurian legend feel and I hope you enjoy it :) 

As I've said before automatic writing is an amazing writing tool, this particular one is included in a flash fiction - I turned a part of it into a verse of a song. It's good inspiration and can be used in a number of writing projects.

Some wonderful news this week - I have the pleasure of being a part of Vine Leaves Literary Journal again with my poem 'If Only' to be included in issue 11 (due out 18th July) - I'm so thrilled to be accepted again, I'll let you know when it's available :)

There is nothing much else to say at the moment, life is ticking along quite nicely. The new house is starting to get sorted (I am amazed how long it takes to get it all done) I have a few writing projects bubbling away and a few things in the pipeline that I don't want to say too much about right at this moment, you'll just have to watch this space and be content with this photo of Tomas (or as my Mum calls him - Mr T!) claiming our bed as his own! lol 

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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