Thursday, 15 May 2014


'It started quietly on an autumn morning when the mists hugged everything to them and left nothing untouched. As the leaves fell taking a song from the weather, so too did the ink fall from her skin, those interweaving roses and ivy, thriving with leaves and hidden birds lost its place in her delicate frame and slowly started to fade away, falling from her in graceful reverence almost like a sensual dance.

More ink faded away. Her finger tips dripped dark reds and blacks leaving a trail of feathers, leaves and petals when she walked. She gave away those last birds and roses to others in the small hope of saving them, but they all wept through her fingers like sand, like so much lost time.

The draining of colour and all that adorned her didn’t stop with her skin. Her hair became as dull and brittle as ash, her beautiful blonde colouring being carried towards the clouds by a storm over a river silvered with fish. Lips that lost their pink joyful tint were replaced with a grey hue rich in melancholy. 

 Within three days she stood before a mirror and watched her tears wash away the hazel from her eyes - a white canvas, beautiful, plain and colourless. Holding her hands to the sky she called on the gods that took her beauty and that which coloured her soul. Feeling her dry skin, as distant and lifeless as a broken shell - now, all that she is would have to come from the inside.'

Hello everyone 

'Drawings' has been on Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Fridays before but I wanted to include it on my blog as well because I really love it :) 

I loved creating the imagery of birds and leaves as ink flowing through her fingers and how someone would feel having all the colourful parts of their body drain away. What I wanted to get across is that people are creative and colourful inside and out, don't judge a book by its cover. Not all plain-looking people are boring or have nothing to say and vice versa. 

I am still enjoying being a part of Poets of G+ and I've been lucky enough to be featured in two of their 'Poets of G+ Weekly Editions' along with the other talented poets of the group.

Not much else is happening - I am working on a few writing projects but since I still haven't bought a new computer I'm making slow progress, I'm praying this one lasts as long as it can. Tomorrow my husband Carl is having a minor operation on his toe so all next week I'll be playing nurse maid, it's a good job I love him lol :)

Happy Thursday 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Poem of the Month for May ~ Casting the Stones

I wrote my story on a pebble and in a fluid sinuous movement cast it across the endless green sea.

Its ripples ran deep underneath the surface carrying the silver pennies of a glittering tide, hugging the coastlines growing to become a whispering tidal swell
                                                be followed on the air by sweet murmurings in a different language, familiar songs sung by foreign voices.

Watched by the sun and moon in a thousand ancient masks, worshiped by a hum of wishful prayers in the dead of the night. Falling at the shores of a crescent shaped island foretold in my story many miles away
                               .... leaving that part of me to rest 
buried in the pure white sand - a small pebble with a story for an island tempted by tales written in the stars.

My story slept a while ....

As the words soaked within to its core, saw the heavens pass over the sky, watched the sun chase the horizon and waited until the world was weary of sadness, of darkness
                              .... my story coloured into a luscious hazel brown nut. 

Its roots grew thick and strong, held onto the dark earth and flourished.  
                                 .... a dark red shoot bloomed, curled in a fragile tendril around the nearest tree setting its sights to the skies feeling the deep desire to learn the words thrown carelessly to the wind.

Vivid purple and bright emerald green flowers opened their faces to the warming sun. With tender petals that formed into written words they littered the forest floor like fallen leaves. Lines of poetry could be found in glassy puddles, characters from a story were seen floating out on a placid sea

                             ....Love was clipped in a young girl’s hair.

A posy of Bliss was thrown away for another. Kindness was carried by a breeze, to fall next to Wonder that bloomed with Magic, they were collected to fragrance a sonnet which told of another story that was cast to the tide.

I know it's a long one! lol It's more of a story prose poem. I wrote 'Casting the Stones' in 2012 for a competition. I was a bit out of my comfort zone when writing this - I don't usually write such long poems. I have changed the layout from the original, it makes it flow better set out as a prose poem. I like it, it's different and I love anything out of the ordinary.

So since 2012 it hasn't seen the light of day. What do you think?

I would like to say a huge hello and thank you to my new followers! :) I think most of you are from the Google+ community Poets of G+ - If any poets are reading this and are on Google+ - this community is fantastic, lots of fun and so supportive. 

Also yesterday this humble little blog marked its second birthday! :D I am proud of myself for carrying on, sometimes I have felt like I am talking to myself, also when life has been hard it's been difficult to find the inclination to write anything but I've made it this far. I celebrated with a nice cup of tea - that's my idea of a good night! lol 

My poem 'The Lies I Told my Mother' was featured on Morgen Bailey's Post Weekend Poetry on 28th April - it is always fantastic to be on her blog :)

On a personal note here is a pic of my new writing buddy Tomas.  He was a bit poorly when we first got him so I have been concentrating on him more than writing at the moment. He is much better now but I don't know how much help he will be to my writing because all he wants to do is play lol 

Happy Thursday and have a wonderful bank holiday weekend