Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dragonflies in Amber


"Life and death are all too real. In my dreams I never feel mad, it is only in the harsh light of morning that I question myself and utter what millions have done before me about the madness of dreams and cast aside their lessons as trivial "


"We must accept our memories and allow them to be part of who we are – of our story – for the story cannot end and be put on the shelf without all the relevant parts...
You must own everything before you can move on to another story"


"Sorrows run deep and cold like underwater currents, sweeping away all that clings to light but nothing is so deep it can’t come to the surface and bask in sunlight again"


"Then hatred is not far away ... nothing is more intoxicating than the dance of hate in the air"


"This place is a crossroads for all dreamers, you included. They leave their wishes, secrets, and talents not yet ready to see the sunlight ... Dreamers have passed here and left their deepest desire...   unknown to them or not, it leaves its mark"

... and now for something a little bit different! This time last year my Mum and me were getting to the end of writing the full length version of our play 'Dragonflies in Amber'. Above are five snippets from each of the vignettes to give you a bit of a taste. The play is based around the main character Eve and her journey into herself and her dreams, it's full of fantasy, magic and woven together with poetic prose - I think it's just beautiful but then that's a writers privilege. It's now available to read and enjoy (and comment on if you like) on GoogleDrive - Dragonflies in Amber, I would love to know what you all think. 

Even though 'Dragonflies in Amber' is a play, in my (small) experience with theatres I don't think it's what they are looking for. I don't know whether it's because it's not set in reality, or it's two women (even though Frozen has been a huge success) or that it's written in poetic prose, which is something I've not seen before but I could be wrong. 

I have been so lucky again to be a part of Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Friday's with my piece 'Drawings'  - it's a beautiful one (due to be podcasted 25th May) Thank you Morgen :D

I probably won't post anything until after Easter now so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I think I will be doing a lot of gardening and also wondering what I could do to celebrate this blog's 2nd birthday on 30th April! :) Two years of poetry and randomness! How amazing! lol

Happy Tuesday 


  1. This play held me from the cast list. I meant only to read the first vignette today but found myself reading on, as the world grew dark and cold around me. I loved it. And I particularly loved the poignancy at the end of the parchment containing an unknown person's dreams and talent - that may or may not ever be claimed.

    I am interested that your experience suggests that production companies would be unlikely to be willing to stage it. I admit that my experience of theatre is very limited, but I have fairly recently seen a successful pair of "performance poets" deliver a dialogue at the State Library of Queensland. It was set much more in mundane reality than this very real play that is "Dragonflies in amber", but it was essentially a two-woman poetry play. The imagery in your play is very vivid and evocatively brings to life a world I know and love very well. I would very much hope it does have an audience, and that you find it.

    Out of interest, in vignette 2, before the three girls go off stage, you aren't certain in your stage directions whether they are playing or clapping or what they're doing. Shall I tell you what they did for me? They held hands and then swung them gently. Then they formed a circle (still holding hands) and started to slowly walk, then skip in a circle. I wonder what they'll end up doing for you?

    And another aside - for a little while I lived in Hull!

    Thank you for making the dreaming real.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Wow! I am overwhelmed by what you have said. Firstly thank you for taking the time to read Dragonflies in Amber and for your wonderfully inspiring comment. My Mum especially would like to thank you because, although the writing is mostly mine, the concept, visuals and stage directions are hers.

      We also thank you for your wonderful comments as sadly we have had no feedback on our play to date, We are so thrilled that the play drew you in and that you wanted to read it to the end. We loved your comment about the three girls at the end of vignette 2 - if our play ever gets on stage (fingers crossed) who knows how the play will evolve once we can see it 'in the flesh' - that would be very exciting! (maybe Australia would be the place to go!)

      What a coincidence that you once lived in Hull - so we are sending you a big hello from sunny Hull today.

      Thank you once again for your fantastic comments - you have made our day.

      Jade and Julie x