Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dragonflies in Amber


"Life and death are all too real. In my dreams I never feel mad, it is only in the harsh light of morning that I question myself and utter what millions have done before me about the madness of dreams and cast aside their lessons as trivial "


"We must accept our memories and allow them to be part of who we are – of our story – for the story cannot end and be put on the shelf without all the relevant parts...
You must own everything before you can move on to another story"


"Sorrows run deep and cold like underwater currents, sweeping away all that clings to light but nothing is so deep it can’t come to the surface and bask in sunlight again"


"Then hatred is not far away ... nothing is more intoxicating than the dance of hate in the air"


"This place is a crossroads for all dreamers, you included. They leave their wishes, secrets, and talents not yet ready to see the sunlight ... Dreamers have passed here and left their deepest desire...   unknown to them or not, it leaves its mark"

... and now for something a little bit different! This time last year my Mum and me were getting to the end of writing the full length version of our play 'Dragonflies in Amber'. Above are five snippets from each of the vignettes to give you a bit of a taste. The play is based around the main character Eve and her journey into herself and her dreams, it's full of fantasy, magic and woven together with poetic prose - I think it's just beautiful but then that's a writers privilege. It's now available to read and enjoy (and comment on if you like) on GoogleDrive - Dragonflies in Amber, I would love to know what you all think. 

Even though 'Dragonflies in Amber' is a play, in my (small) experience with theatres I don't think it's what they are looking for. I don't know whether it's because it's not set in reality, or it's two women (even though Frozen has been a huge success) or that it's written in poetic prose, which is something I've not seen before but I could be wrong. 

I have been so lucky again to be a part of Morgen Bailey's Flash Fiction Friday's with my piece 'Drawings'  - it's a beautiful one (due to be podcasted 25th May) Thank you Morgen :D

I probably won't post anything until after Easter now so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I think I will be doing a lot of gardening and also wondering what I could do to celebrate this blog's 2nd birthday on 30th April! :) Two years of poetry and randomness! How amazing! lol

Happy Tuesday 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Poem of the Month for April ~ Exposure


'My sleep pattern has turned the way of the weather. Cold and wet, broken, disturbed with an encroaching frost that slowly taps at the windows before the first light, but my sleep is turning into a madness that runs for days and the nights are becoming one. I cannot trust my body to know what is best anymore.

Living under this roof that seems as thin as paper, a frosted sheet separating us from the stars, I exhale steam in a constant fog watching the roof pull and billow in the wind. The weather lives in this place, the clouds are gathering in the kitchen.

Ice is forming in the bedrooms on our faces and arms as we sleep unfurling across our skin like forest ferns. I cannot escape the turn of the seasons, they are just a room away, settling, gathering, collecting force. I live like my ancestors, primed and knowledgeable about the subtlest changes in temperature, knowing instinctively my land, my country and the skies.

I cannot survive forever living like this.

I could die of exposure on the wet boggy floor of the living room, with the walls painted in a grey midnight rain and the elements bearing down on me, all the colours leaking out into the sky. '

Hey everyone, the first is here again :)

This months new poem is a bit of an experiment. 'Exposure' is a prose poem (I hope lol) I have been sharing some of my writing on Google+ and joined a discussion about the definitions of poetry and prose, it seems lots of people have their own opinion, it could send the sanest person mad! Here is what someone shared with me to explain a bit more - Prose Poem 

It explains that a prose poem is a poem without the structure of typical poetry - I think I always did my own thing when writing poetry or prose anyway, I didn't follow many of the rules lol 

I hope you enjoy 'Exposure', I think there is some powerful imagery and emotions in it. It was written at a very bad time in my life and the feelings that comes through of being exposed and vulnerable are frightening.

I have had a mad couple of weeks since my last post. I am still unpacking, shifting, gardening etc. Also my computer decided that enough was enough and nearly died on me! It's a writers (or anyone that lives on their computer) worst nightmare - 'fatal system error' is just horrifying to see. My computer has been having 'hiccups' for a while so I have been saving everything to my emails, so I wouldn't have lost anything major. I though it was the end, I was picking the flowers out! lol Thank goodness for a tech savvy Facebook friend that helped me through, it works now but I think it's time I found its replacement :/ 

I have good news! I am very happy to be a part of Morgen Baileys Flash Fiction Fridays again with my flash fiction piece 'Drawings' (a brand new one) this Friday (4th April) - I will share the link in my next post and on Friday on my Twitter and Google+ . I also wanted to share last years New Poem of the Month for April - In their soft footprints... Tom, - it is now the centenary of the start of WW1 and my great grandfather Tom was a part of it. Last year I dedicated National Poetry Month to a series of poems about my ancestors, it was a great experience and I think they deserve a second look :)

NPM #2 ~ In their soft footprints ... Ada

NPM #3 ~ In their soft footprints... Phoebe

NPM #4 ~ In their soft footprints... Mary

NPM #5 ~ In their soft footprints... John

NPM #6 ~ In their soft footprints... Leah

Happy Tuesday