Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Poem of the Month for March ~ Talking to Ghosts

She had an affliction to Neptune
and the deep sun spots in her veins
                                   coursed through

to the very tips of her hair
and the soles of her worn feet

Turning her fate towards the ridiculous
towards a lifetime of invisible
                                 tepid conversations

Half broken stories
and untruthful mirroring

She never saw any of this -
a blindness of the mind
She merely laughed
at this talk of wandering

                        and embraced the ghosts.

Hi everyone :) The first of the month is here again and here is a new poem. Well it's not exactly new, I wrote 'Talking to Ghosts' last year but it's never been seen before, it's been patiently waiting on my laptop.

I have an interest in astrology and 'Talking to Ghosts' is partly inspired by the aspect Sun square Neptune (if anyone has read my 'About Me' page I am also putting together a collection of the same name). People with this aspect, and I know quite a few, are described as having 'self deception par excellence'. Also it seemed a good time to post this poem since I have been watching Ghost Adventures on TV lol! Creepy stuff.

My flash fiction 'Light Shadow' is now available to listen to on the wonderful Morgen Bailey's Podcast (episode 37).

It's been a really hectic month, with all the moving plus it was my birthday on the 11th, it was my anniversary yesterday (it's been two love-filled years now) and it's my mum's 60th next Saturday. It's been mad but it's been really fun.

Have a lovely weekend :) 


  1. I just watched a video on U-Tube about talking to the afterlife. Its pretty convincing. I am having problems bringing up U-Tube right now but I think I put it in my likes on my channel,
    I think you would enjoy it.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Harold

      I would definitely enjoy that :) the whole subject is fascinating, I think I should write some more poetry, prose or flash fiction on ghosts/haunting - its a great source of inspiration