Saturday, 15 February 2014

Automatic Writing #11

I will lose the will to speak before I lose the ability, spoken words will become meaningless and feel heavy, dated, dirty to me. I will have no desire to speak to another soul, no desire to have an exchange of thoughts and words, for the everyday is not for me, it never has been.
I live in a place they tell me doesn't exist, one that’s painted with moonlight and sewn with stars but the everyday is more important they say, they lull me to dreams speaking about stories that contain nothing but flat words - cutting my world into pieces with words that interrupt my thoughts like bronzed knives through thin cotton. I live somewhere else and I can't relate to your stories - can you relate to mine? Is all you see just a greyness till death? 

My lips are starting to stick together now these could be my last words and I feel I have nothing to say, nothing to bequeath as my last thoughts. All time has flown and nothing needs saying any more. Discover the beauty in the bigger picture of life, forget the small, the everyday, wonder more about someone, open books are sometimes never read. Mystery is sweet.

Hi everyone, I haven't shared any of my automatic writing since November so I thought it was over due. I think I was having an anti-social moment when I wrote this, but I still think it's beautiful and has some wonderful imagery. I am a very private person and not what you would call an extrovert, I enjoy my solitude. I hope you enjoy it.

This will only be a quick post as I am in the middle of a weekend of decorating but I wanted to share some things with you all. First is that my prose piece 'Deep Sleep and Origami' was featured in the Heritage Issue of Crescent Magazine, page 15 :D Also I finally decided what to buy with my first earnings of £2.79 lol I needed a keyring for my new house keys and loved this one on eBay, plus its New Jade and 'brings good fortune' (sorry it's not a tin of beans lol) - it ticked all the boxes and here is the promised photo.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm gonna get back to painting :)

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