Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Poem of the Month for January ~ Wine and Spices

Row on row of doors, 
all oak, all shut but inviting, 
some bearing fruit,
                       over them flowers and offerings. 

One opens and all I can see
is a darkness that
shies away from a cold light, 
                                       a blue light that radiates

Winter has locked itself away,
maybe every winter has its place
                                              in time, 
unique just like its snowflakes
and laced with wine and heavy spices.

This winter will remain, 
held here. 

Hi everyone and a Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful time seeing in the New Year and have high hopes for 2014 :) 

The way I write poetry seems to have changed completely over the last year. I used to sit down with a poem in mind and write it, now I write in a continuous flow (automatic writing) and I find the poetry, prose and flash fiction within in it. It's a really odd way of writing but it seems to work for me quite well. 'Wine and Spices' came from this process and obviously has a festive/winter feel to it, my automatic writings tend to be a mix of 'the right now' - weather, seasons, whats going on in my life, 'thoughts' and 'the complete fantasy' - some of the things I have no idea where they came from lol. It is lovely to watch how your writing can change and develop.

Also last night I went through all my posts from last year and found the most popular of 2013 was 'The meaning of poetry belongs to you' by Ellie Stewart - a guest post from June taking a wonderful look at our feelings towards poetry. Sadly the least popular post of 2013 was Micro Fiction - Living Words - A micro/flash fiction from February that I think deserves a second chance :) 

If anyone was waiting for the Podcast of my flash fiction 'Old Norse' it has been postponed until Sunday 5th January. I'll include links to that and 'Light Shadow' (featured on Flash Fiction Fridays on 3rd January) in my next blog post.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and a fantastic start to 2014 :)

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