Sunday, 1 December 2013

New Poem of the Month for December ~ 'After the Rain'

A brutal thought, 
and then another
flowing back, down
               through my bones and lungs,
                                                      taking my breath with it

I awoke to watch 
a wave break against my bedroom wall, 
underneath the star blue swell
I closed my eyes, 
weary to my brittle bones 
witnessing it rip
                   the wallpaper to the stone,

It grasped at its findings,
books, pictures, 
                     forgotten things,

I had lost the will to breathe, 
my mouth filled with salt 
and I choked on what the waters had to say, 

my body rolled with the rhythm of the sea’s distaste
I saw my life drift
                        away on the surface 
                                                      like pillage after a battle. 

Hi Everyone 

I want to carry on the the 'New Poem of the Month' feature, you all seem to enjoy it and I enjoy the writing and sharing so why stop :) 

As with many of my poems 'After the Rain' started out as a bit of prose that evolved. When I was editing this I couldn't get this song out of my head! lol -  

Also the name is inspired by a line in the song - inspiration can be found anywhere can't it? 

I love writing about water and experimenting with all its meanings and symbolism, how many stories and myths have grown out of a fascination with water? The Water Babies (one of my husband's personal favourites) Mermaids, Sirens, Neptune and Poseidon. Water in all its forms has always captured our imaginations. In this poem water is a destructive force to rip apart a life and all that we accumulate along the way, I don't really know what inspired 'After the Rain' sometimes I just write unconsciously.

When I was younger I was obsessed with water and swimming - I'm sure that has found its way into my writer's imagination. 

The last few weeks since my last blog post have been really quite lucky! I have had two of my prose pieces accepted by Crescent Magazine - an absolutely beautiful online magazine. Their tagline is;

'CRESCENT MAGAZINE is a new photography, art and literary online magazine for the daring and dreaming, under-spoken and inspiring.' 

I'm obviously one of those daring, dreaming, under-spoken types then :D Also my poem 'Sanctuary'  will be featured on Morgan Bailey's Post Weekend Poetry on 16th December - It is always a pleasure to be on her blog.

I'll be back closer to Christmas with something festive (well as close to festive as I can get lol) 

Happy Sunday

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