Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!


My spine is littered with shrapnel, harbouring all the rusted knives you forced into my back. They began to form an essential part of my spine, swallowed by my hollow bones these fragments of a cold bronze are being honed to a point, bitter enough to pierce softened skin and they all bear your name. 

I couldn't stop myself from a drying and withering despair like a flower in the dark, as many nights I witnessed my blood dry the darkest of black, I knew in myself that I had been deeply poisoned. I pray that when I pass you at the crossroads, your feet embedded in the dry soils of a forsaken ground, I'll smile and show my falsest pity knowing that I wished you there.


Hi everyone

It's been nearly 3 months now but I'm back with a Halloween post for you all to enjoy, a good old despair inspired revenge piece! 'Shrapnel' is adapted from a poem I wrote years ago, some parts are from the original poem and some are brand new creating a new prose piece that embodies a lot of what I was feeling all those years ago.

I got quite excited when I decided to write a blog post for Halloween, partly because I get to unleash my darker side and also the thought of getting back into writing blog posts again. I have missed it. I always loved writing them but as I said in my last post 'It's goodbye for now' there were a lot of things that fell apart this year and I felt my content would suffer etc. I hope now I can return, not writing as frequently but not setting it aside altogether :)

I have some links to share to some of my flash fiction pieces featured on Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog - an amazing blog cram packed with features, hints, tips and exercises for writers. My flash fiction piece Blackbird was featured on 2nd of August as part of Flash Fiction Friday's, it has also been included in her series of Podcasts - Podcast of Blackbird, episode 32 (6/10/2013). It was fantastic to hear 'Blackbird' read aloud, Morgen has a lovely voice and it also changes the whole feel of the writing making the words come alive - like how a story feels when read to a group compared to how it feels when you're reading alone, it's an electric feeling when you were the one who wrote those words! :)

My piece Eden was also featured on Flash Fiction Friday's on 13th September and the Podcast will be available this Sunday (3/11/2013). Also I will be having another flash fiction featured called 'Old Norse' on the 8th of November and the Podcast will be on 29th of December - I'll be sharing them on Twitter and Facebook when they are live. 

                                                                               Happy Halloween