Monday, 17 June 2013

Within the Roots

'Buried in an earth so thick and suffocating, I lay forgotten.

Roots of purpose wove their way through and within me and I was left feeling punctured and worn thin, 
frayed and degraded under a rich soil used to bury the faces of loved ones'

I know, I know, it's a bit morbid, but hey why not? Some people like morbid and sometimes it just feels appropriate! lol I hope you all take you own meanings from this piece (as mentioned in the wonderful guest post by Ellie Stewart) 

There are some obvious meanings here like being buried, forgotten etc. but I'll bet there are some meanings here that only have significance with you ~ I'd love to hear them :)

Think about the symbology of dreams, you could have a thousand different interpretations of what a cat means in a dream and you would probably get to the end of your patience trying to sift through them, but what does a cat mean to you personally? If you love cats this would be a symbol of love or good fortune, if you hate cats or have a phobia then they would represent the complete opposite. I know I'm waffling a bit but personal meanings and symbology I think is really fascinating. 

There is nothing much more to tell, I'm still writing, still frustrated! lol I have entered some competitions, mostly to 'just get my work out there' and with some hope that I could win! Also the 22nd of this month is National Flash Fiction Day so I'm going to post some of my own flash/micro fiction, hopefully I'll come up with something a bit more special ~ Any ideas welcome.

Happy Monday 

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