Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Poem of the Month for June ~ A Sleepless Summer

I’m always sleepless in summer
My bones call to me,
in morbid tones
to be bleached by the sun

A summer’s night
and its madness;
my skin tastes of salt
and murmurings of fortunes

Harsh and stung
by the green growth that summer brings,
finding the tastes
of sap, dry soil on my lips

and it calls to me
in my rigid bones …
For a wish cast in that moment
cast adrift like a stolen feather,
they are the ones that haunt us

and we wonder why
our bodies yearn for a thought … 
                                                      or a simple blush of sunlight

Can you believe that this poem marks a whole year of 'New Poem of the Month' posts! A full year! I have compiled a list below of a full year's worth of new poetry, have a look through and let me know which are your favourites. It's so interesting looking down the list, it's like looking at a year of creative progression. I can remember why I picked that certain poem, how I was feeling at the time etc 

Also you will see that the name of the blog has changed from 'Poetry Musings by Jade Kennedy' to just 'Poetry Musings' ~ I figured that you all know who I am by now! lol Another reason for this is that I'm wanting to start featuring guest posts; the blog from now on won't just be about myself and my poetry. I started thinking about this because of the announcement from Salt Publishing (a big UK independent publisher in poetry and fiction) that they are to stop publishing poetry books from single authors and that the poetry market is crashing! Why is this? Really my question is, why do people hate poetry? I personally think it is the word 'poetry' that puts people off, there is a persona that poetry has, that it's 'not for just anyone' ~ its high brow, academic, (it has far too many 'rules' for my liking) and beyond the reach of everyday people

I want to start featuring guest blogs just about poetry, prose and micro fiction about anything you feel needs to be said. If you hate poetry and hate everything about it, send in a guest blog and let us know why. If you want to talk about how writing micro fiction is the best thing in your life, I'd love to hear about it. Also you can feature your own poetry/prose/micro fiction, review other writers and add links to anywhere you like. Send them to me at 

The only rules are; no swearing and no attacking another writer personally! 

I'm now on Google+ as well, so come join my magic circle :)

Have a great weekend 

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  1. Oh your poem reminded me of what may come this year in the UK, that is SUMMER. I love the heat but don't enjoy the sticky nights and restless sleep with my skin stinging from being in the sun during the day. Lovely poem Jade.

    As for poetry, and I'm far from an expert here. I think people find it hard to understand and/or follow depending upon the writer, so they tend to have a dislike as soon as you mention the word poetry. I have become very choosey about what blogs I follow when it comes to poetry because sometimes it's extremely hard to know what the author is saying or where they are taking you and it makes me feel very frustrated after having read it.

    Since I've followed your blog I've learned that there are different types and styles of poetry that I wasn't aware of before. And I've learned that things don't always have to rhyme to call it poetry. So thank you Jade. I'm also looking forward to the new direction you are taking with your blog too. I'll be back and enjoy your weekend too.

    1. Hi Rum

      Thanks for commenting. I'm really glad you enjoyed the poem, I'm with you I have difficulty sleeping when it's hot.

      It's interesting to hear your opinions on poetry but I'm not surprised you feel like this, I think loads of people feel 'very frustrated after having read it' like you said. I'd like to think people find their own meanings in my poetry - the last thing I want to do is make people feel stupid or like they are missing something.

      I'm really happy that you have enjoyed and learned new things from my blog :) I think poetry should not have so many rules. I think like with all creative things people should be able to 'play'

  2. This poem pretty much sums up sleepless summer nights down here in Georgia! Ugh! I started running the air-conditioner a month ago, and it's only now June . Congratulations on the year anniversary of your Poem of the Month posts! It sounds as if you are taking your site in a bold new direction, one that's sure to prove rewarding.

    1. Hi Helena

      I'm not much of a heat person naturally so I don't know how I would cope in Georgia, I suppose over time you get used to it.

      Thanks for the congratulations, I'm hoping that I'm taking the blog in a new direction - I'm hoping to get some more readers and have more of a poetry-discussion vibe.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Absolutely loved your poem, Jade. So moving and well-written.

    "For a wish cast in that moment
    cast adrift like a stolen feather,
    they are the ones that haunt us"

    Reminded me a bit of the opening of Eliot's "The Wasteland"-"April is the cruelest month..."

    Great work.

    1. Hi NP

      Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the poem and what amazing praise to be compared to T. S Eliot - that made my day :)