Saturday, 22 June 2013

Happy National Flash Fiction Day ~ Blackbird

"It started softly, almost like a golden humming within a dream, that then became a small part of the dawn chorus, singing strongly his song of welcome. As the days brightened and the nights receded more and more towards the horizon, he started visiting my window sill and just before the last star of night had faded away he would sing just for me, joyously, but with a sharp tone, a strange notation that he had come to tell me something.

His beak was smoothed, polished to a vibrant yellow, his feathers were a like a velvet black cloak he wore with pride and he knew me and I knew him. As he woke me earlier each morning, during the week when the sun walked the longest through the sky, a mid-summer message from a spirited blackbird - I nicknamed him Solstice and he wove a dance between the green robed branches just for the joy of being.

The songs grew more desperate, his visits longer each morning, a swift imploring look in his eyes, a wishing to talk to me, tell me his real name, his story, something for my heart alone. In my lack of sleep blackbirds flew from every shadow, walked across my fingers and across my thoughts - his song wasn’t finished so my eyes didn’t close.

On the morning of the longest day, rising like a blue translucence shell into the darkness, I went out to the garden, the dew collecting on my feet like gold dust. He was in the tree above me drowned in green shadows and it was then when I reached out to him that I fell asleep, enveloped by the grass in its mid-summer growth. I felt my arms stretching, moving out of place, my bones softening, losing their shape, my back burned and pulsed, the first tips of feathers broke my skin, a downy black veil washed over me like rain - and I knew the morning songs and all the songs I must now sing. It was then that Solstice and I could speak".

I love this piece! Really, really love it! I know to be a 'cool' writer you have to berate yourself ... say 'I could always do better!' but that's not me! lol

Blackbird was inspired by Carl telling me that there was a blackbird in the trees behind where we live, he said he could recognise the song. So that planted the seed for this story and it just grew from there. I also wanted to tie this all in with the Solstice and National Flash Fiction Day so it all turned out perfect, I especially enjoyed naming the bird 'Solstice'. Also just a day after I had written Blackbird, a real one turned up! 

He must be the one Carl could hear in the mornings. Yes, I have nicknamed him Solstice and he is very, very greedy! Every time he has a beak full of food he runs like mad as if he has stolen it from right under your nose and revels in the theft! 

I'm also really pleased to announce that my flash fiction piece 'A Collection' has been featured on Flash Flood who are doing a 'flood' of fiction to celebrate today. Please check out mine and all the other very talented writers who have been featured :)

Happy Saturday, Solstice and National Flash Fiction Day 


  1. I really enjoyed this Jade. It was as if the blackbird 'Solstice'was there on my window ledge looking in. It really is a wonderful post. Carl planted one heck of a good seed there. And a massive congratulations on your flash fiction piece being featured too.

    1. Hi Rum

      Thank you so much for the compliments, they really made my day :) Carl is a good 'ideas person' so maybe I should listen to him more! lol and thank you for the congratulations about my flash fiction piece, I really enjoy writing them and I hope this is a sign of future success.