Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Poem of the Month for May ~ Dreaming of Spring

The greenman by Cyril Barreaux

He sleeps and dreams
like a forest fey in a oil painting,

with an honest, open face,
turned towards the moon and stars,
to accept the forewarned dreams
with nothing …
                           nothing to hide

Hi everyone, this month it's all back to normal after the poetry series for National Poetry Month. So May is here and it's a lovely day here in Yorkshire, the sun is out and Spring is finally here after what felt like an extended bitter winter that didn't want to loosen its grip!

Another new month and another new poem. I chose this poem before I realised how apt for today it is, since today is Beltane or Mayday, the day the greenman is celebrated throughout Europe as the bringer of spring. 

I'll keep this post short since last month my posts were really long and detailed and I wittered on just a bit! lol Nothing much is happening but I am working on a big writing project with my Mum - I'll keep the details to myself for now :)

Also as with all writers/artists/creative people in general, I'm always waiting for someone to 'find me' and for that big break lol ... We shall see 

Have a wonderful Wednesday 


  1. Now that picture is really scary but beautiful all at the same time with a lovely descriptive poem to match.
    Oh yes, we are having wonderful weather for the past couple of days in London and I can't wait to get out the house today as being in England it could be snowing tomorrow.
    Jade, how can nothing much be happening with you whilst you work on a big project? I know you've got something special going on which you just might share later.
    Just keep pushing on Jade. You're always getting good reviews so you know you're on the right track with good quality content. Have a wonderful bank holiday Monday, and I'll pop over again soon. Give you mum my regards.

    1. Hi Rum

      Sorry the picture scared you but thanks for the compliments about the poem and my 'good quality content' I'm always happy you enjoy my posts :)

      Being a fellow Brit I know all too well how fickle the weather is, so I'm trying to make the most of it before it turns back to gale force winds or something lol There is a lot happening with my writing it's just hid away at home and mostly in my head at the moment, that stage of creation when to the outside world you seem to be inactive lol

      Have a wonderful bank holiday yourself and I'll definitely pass on your regards to my Mum :)