Saturday, 25 May 2013

Automatic Writing #9

'My mood is changing faster than a spinning coin, flipping my thoughts into boxes marked and unmarked before my eyes. It's like a vast well overflowing with stagnant waters, ripping mosses and timber with it to the surface where they will dry in the sun, to be collected and used to build something new and sturdy from nothing more than old dying beliefs that the waters coughed up. 

Building a platform that reaches to the sky, keeping a close look out for the moon as it curves around the earth in a sweeping arc, running fast, away from the dawning sun. If I could I would get a net, knitted together with a thousand spider's webs and silkworms and I would catch the moon in its graceful momentum into the dark ... maybe it would sit and speak with me awhile.'

Hi everyone, here's some more of my automatic writing. There definitely seems to be a reoccurring theme with me and the moon doesn't there! lol It's like I'm an ancient Celt worshipping the moon every month - maybe I should get a pet hare and then the image would be complete. I imagine I'm not alone in thinking that the moon is an endless source of inspiration though :)

In other news I have entered two competitions recently, fingers crossed. I won't name the competitions - 1. maybe I will jinx it. 2. if nothing comes of it I don't have to explain anything (sneaky eh?). Also I have been connecting with other poets on Twitter which has been lovely and discovered some beautiful poetry.

I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on the last post about the sad loss of Fluff.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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