Saturday, 25 May 2013

Automatic Writing #9

'My mood is changing faster than a spinning coin, flipping my thoughts into boxes marked and unmarked before my eyes. It's like a vast well overflowing with stagnant waters, ripping mosses and timber with it to the surface where they will dry in the sun, to be collected and used to build something new and sturdy from nothing more than old dying beliefs that the waters coughed up. 

Building a platform that reaches to the sky, keeping a close look out for the moon as it curves around the earth in a sweeping arc, running fast, away from the dawning sun. If I could I would get a net, knitted together with a thousand spider's webs and silkworms and I would catch the moon in its graceful momentum into the dark ... maybe it would sit and speak with me awhile.'

Hi everyone, here's some more of my automatic writing. There definitely seems to be a reoccurring theme with me and the moon doesn't there! lol It's like I'm an ancient Celt worshipping the moon every month - maybe I should get a pet hare and then the image would be complete. I imagine I'm not alone in thinking that the moon is an endless source of inspiration though :)

In other news I have entered two competitions recently, fingers crossed. I won't name the competitions - 1. maybe I will jinx it. 2. if nothing comes of it I don't have to explain anything (sneaky eh?). Also I have been connecting with other poets on Twitter which has been lovely and discovered some beautiful poetry.

I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on the last post about the sad loss of Fluff.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Only loving those that love her ...

She is too loyal to be a simple soul ... 

too loving to be nothing but a meaningless comfort

I wished once that I could only know love and kindness like her. Only loving those that love her ...

She has never been heartless enough to believe words over deeds. 

Hi everyone, those who follow me on Twitter will know why it has been two weeks since my last blog post. Sadly last Monday our cat Fluff had to be put to sleep. It was so fast, one minute she was fine the next she had a bad fit and the vets said her kidneys were damaged (she was an old cat so this wasn't really a surprise) and there was not much more they could do for her. I know those of you who are animal lovers will know how much this hurts, I have passed the stage of shock and floods of tears and now I just have a heavy depressed heart. We are all grieving especially Carl who was there when she was born.

Anyway this writing is my little tribute to her. It is part of some automatic writing I did months ago and I remember I wrote this while fussing Fluff - she always was my little writing companion. I don't think writing will sound the same again without her wheezy snoring lol, I have noticed that a lot of writers have a feline companion ... the writer's muse maybe? :)

She really was the most beloved cat whose idea of heaven was cuddles and treats and she will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Prose Pieces ~ Deep Sleep and Origami

'Sleep is like a breeze that comes in the front door and leaves through my bedroom window, taking the paper birds I made with it. 

Illusive, sleep is impossible to grasp and hold, it visits and leaves when it wishes. I tried once to trap sleep in a paper lantern, lit with a tea-light so it would not be afraid of the dark. It circled my white lantern, blew out the flame and flew away laughing at my childish musings. 

Next time I will try a rice paper lantern in light blue. I will trick sleep into believing it has been encased in sky and I will take it to the circus, dance in a dark velvet tent pin pricked with silver stars and sleep will follow me, run through my hoops, revel in the applause and bow low to humanity.'

This is an automatic writing piece that turned into a prose piece. It's a great fantastical bit of writing isn't it, I don't know where these ideas comes from sometimes - I guess I like to play with reality! :)

I thought I would like to do a bit of promoting of others poets/poems that I have discovered and loved. I found Rowyda Amin through Twitter, had a nosy around her website and had a read of her poems and just absolutely loved them! 

I especially loved her poem 'Sanatorium' - a dark but soft and comforting poem and 'Insect Studies' is a vivid, imaginative, colourful poem that stuck in my mind for a long time. I think she is a greatly talented writer and I love the way she makes her poems feel familiar, sometimes nostalgic with a hint of other-worldly magic. Plus she is a fellow 'Poet and Blogger' as she says on Twitter, so you couldn't get much better. 

Happy Tuesday 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Poem of the Month for May ~ Dreaming of Spring

The greenman by Cyril Barreaux

He sleeps and dreams
like a forest fey in a oil painting,

with an honest, open face,
turned towards the moon and stars,
to accept the forewarned dreams
with nothing …
                           nothing to hide

Hi everyone, this month it's all back to normal after the poetry series for National Poetry Month. So May is here and it's a lovely day here in Yorkshire, the sun is out and Spring is finally here after what felt like an extended bitter winter that didn't want to loosen its grip!

Another new month and another new poem. I chose this poem before I realised how apt for today it is, since today is Beltane or Mayday, the day the greenman is celebrated throughout Europe as the bringer of spring. 

I'll keep this post short since last month my posts were really long and detailed and I wittered on just a bit! lol Nothing much is happening but I am working on a big writing project with my Mum - I'll keep the details to myself for now :)

Also as with all writers/artists/creative people in general, I'm always waiting for someone to 'find me' and for that big break lol ... We shall see 

Have a wonderful Wednesday