Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NPM #6 ~ In their soft footprints ... Leah


She sat in one of the thickest branches 
and called to me in a voice like spun sugar
able to calm a frost edged nightmare 
or smooth away a fearful cry

She knew the soil,
as it fell in between her fingers 
as if it told her the secrets of what it once grew
She sat with me 
and we looked down 
this green and aged tree

An artist with his sweet watercolours  
a politician that stood for the workers
a family far from home toiling in the fields
working till the sun skipped behind the horizon
to make this land their home

There were children crying,
playing, laughing and singing heartfelt songs
down every branch, 
with mothers beside them strong in heart and soul
She gave me a wicked smile,
her skirts snapping like flags in a breeze
and jumped feet first,
beckoning me to follow

This is the very last poem for National Poetry Month! *sad face* I have really enjoyed this, it has been so much fun and a really creative little project. This very last poem is about my 6 x great Grandmother Leah Lawton.

Leah Lawton was born 8th July 1771 in High Hoyland, Yorkshire - This is the furthest back we (My Mum and me) have gotten that has this much information, we have gotten back further in date but beyond this point it is just names, births, marriages and deaths. I also wanted to save Leah for the last post as we have traced her family line a lot and have even come down to living descendants of hers. I love the fact that she was born before such events like the American War of Independence or the French Revolution!

Cadney Church
She married William Kinsley on 11th of April 1790 in Emley, Yorkshire and went on to have 10 children, nine boys and just one girl, all born and christened in Cadney, Lincolnshire. I am descended through her 3rd son Anthony.

I wanted to get across in the poem that she was a matriarch of a huge family because she really was the great mother of the Kinsleys of Cadney! From her 10 children she had 43 grandchildren! She had even more great grandchildren, she had 84 and I don't think they have all been found and named yet! The number could be even higher. Two of her sons Henry and John and their families emigrated to Orangeville, Ontario, Canada to work as farmers (I've seen around Orangeville on Google Maps and it is just in the middle of nowhere!) At least 21 of Leah's great grandchildren where born in Ontario. My Mum has even been in touch with a Canadian cousin of ours :)

Other descendants of Leah Lawton include the artist Albert Kinsley (hence the watercolour artist mentioned in the poem) and Baron Quibell - who was a Labour Party politician and later an MP for Brigg in Lincolnshire.

I thought it would be good to end the series with the great matriarch Leah Lawton and her vast family tree. I would also like to thank the members of the ancestry.co.uk Facebook page who have loved this series and have been really encouraging. 

Today also marks by blog-anniversary! A whole year I have been wittering on about poetry and stuff - thank you all for your patience lol 

Happy Tuesday 

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