Friday, 29 March 2013

Prose Pieces - Rising Tides

'Oh the tide, it's swollen and looking for a fair word against it, a reason to rise and curse - fall onto the land, to spread and seep into the land, to salt all the fields, kill the crops where they feel their roots. 

Keeping to a steady rhythm until it feels the land give way, that slow descent towards the coast, the other coast so it will know it has reached across the land towards another sea and taken all in its wake to a deep cold oblivion.

When it touches the hand of a different warmer sea, will they rise up in defiance of each other, scream that they will never mix like oil and water, flow around one another judging waiting for the other to show but a whisper of weakness.

I watched all this from a small yellow boat looking out over a land of water, nothing but trees and floating hopeful wishes. I watched the seas fight, their heads held back, white horses running for shelter, a roar as loud as thunder on a bitter summer's day and a spray as dark as madness and then nothing, silence. The waters swirled together, the fields drained away. I held in my hands this memory of sudden destruction and it flew away from me to dispel me as a liar.'

When I wrote this about two weeks ago I thought - 'Wow that's weird, a bit random, a little dark - I like it!' It has very interesting imagery and details. I don't know where it came from. I know it's a bit on the brooding side, but maybe that's just a representation about how I feel at the moment and it's very apt since Britain seems to be suffering a second Winter!! Thanks very much Mother Nature! lol 

Nothing exciting is happening at the time. I am getting my head down and trying to keep busy with writing projects - some poetry, prose and play writing with my Mum. I'm also trying to get my head around the whole 'Silver Threads' issue and wondering where to go next - I hope you have all been enjoying the free download :) 

The next post will be 'New Poem for the Month of April (Wow where do the months go!?) and as April is National Poetry Month I have been racking my brains trying to think of something special to do for the month - any suggestions welcome.

Have a great Easter weekend however you celebrate :)


  1. Enjoyed the post Jade. As I read it slowly I was able to build up a clear picture of what was going on. It also brought home all the floods around England that's been happening lately and how the angry rough waters came crashing around their houses, roads etc.. causing havoc everywhere and with everyone. Very well written.

    Ah you asked about suggestions for April. As a thought:

    1. Spring - starting afresh, new life coming out the ground (flowers), new hope and new beginings or dusting the cobwebs away because we've been in hiding all winter etc..

    2. April Fools - tricks, laughter, fun n games because some people like to mess around on this day.

    3. Easter - something around being dead and coming back alive again, a renewing of mind etc.

    Anyway, have a lovely weekend Jade, and can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. Hi Rum

      Thank you for the compliments. You know I never saw that connection between the flooding and writing that! lol duh! Maybe on some subconscious level I did :)

      Thank you for the suggestions, I especially like the Spring themes in them. Maybe if I wrote about Spring it would start feeling a bit warmer! lol Whatever idea I come up with I'm sure it will be very unique, weird and right up my street!