Friday, 1 March 2013

New Poem of the Month for March - 'Once around the Sun'

A year ago today
we started down the same path together
scattered with the same fallen stars,
in greens, purples
and shimmering whites

In Summer we ate under the twilight
and wished away a season

In Autumn we painted the leaves
a brilliant red and told each other stories

You wrote me love messages in the snow
during our first frosty Winter

And now on the Eve of Spring
as the snowdrops bow a goodnight
and the daffodils hold their breath.
Here we stand
saying I love you all over again.

I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last blog post, I have been really busy and it was my 1st Wedding Anniversary yesterday :) I wrote this poem especially for Carl and put it in his card, he was really touched by this. I did this since the first Anniversary is paper, he got me a book to represent the paper gift. We had a lovely day with a great meal out and lots of gazing into each others eyes kinda stuff lol

There is not much else to tell in other news. I still have no idea where I stand with regards to 'Silver Threads' so that is a touchy subject and I'm fighting the overwhelming urge to just 'drop out' of life at the moment. I haven't bothered with Facebook or Twitter and I just seem to want to disappear into a book or game, maybe this will be a good thing I might find some more creativity in the solitude, who knows?

Also Happy Saint Davids day to any of my Welsh readers or if you have any Welsh ancestry like me :)


  1. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Jade and Carl, with many more lovely memories to come. It takes 2 to tango, so continue to build that foundation that will last a lifetime, through the thick and thin.

    Don't drop out and disappear Jade, that's the easy option and getting back on that wheel can be harder than you think, just my opinion but try getting aboard a moving train..... Rather, relax, explore all other options at ease and take each day as it comes. Remember Rome was not built in a day and think about how hard it is to get a diamond from the ground!

    1. Aw thank you Rum, you always have something inspirational and lovely to say every time you comment :)

      I know how easy it is to drop out and how hard it can be to get motivated again, that is why I'm trying to fight it and hoping that it's just a phase - maybe I just need some quiet time.

      Thanks you again for the congratulations, I'm hoping too for many more years of happiness x