Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love, Madness & Karma

It was a transparent thread of madness
that she wove with delicate fingers
into the tapestry of life
Asking the questions
that no one wanted to answer
for secrets in the blood
last a lifetime, passed on to each fresh generation
in the guise of voices, delusions
The world seen through a veil of white gauze

Knights on dark horses took form
reality shattered at its china blue edges
and the world fell away on a desperate whisper
Of your sweet denial, I saw
I watched,
you sing yourself to sleep
with lies tied up in a haunting melody
Bold fairy tales and tainted make-believe
These are all the parts of you 

This poem is from my new collection 'Sun Square Neptune' (title could change, I'm still working on it) and is as yet unnamed. The title 'Love, Madness & Karma' is going to be the new collection's motif, I think this is a great unique idea for a poetry book with all thanks going to my Mum for the suggestion.

I'm still having problems with my publisher and the less said about that the better! I would still love any tips and help from anyone with experience of using the self publishing websites, I'm looking mainly at Createspace but have heard good things about Lulu. 'Sun Square Neptune' is growing and it won't be long before it's finished.

Also I now have another poem as a free download on Etherbooks, click here to see all the poems I have available to download for iphones and Androids :) (Click new authors and select Poetry - then in the box showing 'All Writers' look for my name.) My latest poem on Etherbooks is called 'A Collection' - it was inspired by a piece of automatic writing and is also in 'Sun Square Neptune' so another little taster for you all.

I hope I have a better weekend. I hope your weekend is full of madness! 

Happy Saturday


  1. Loved the poem Jade. The line that said 'secrets in the blood' had a vast amount of meaning for me and as usual my thoughts are running wild with it.
    Sorry I can't be of help with the publishing side - no experience - but don't give up and you will get there in the end. Looks like mum is backing you all the way with her suggestions, that's what mothers are all about. Give her my love and I'll be popping round again soon.

    1. Hi Rum, it's lovely to see you here commenting again and I'll definitely pass on your love to my Mum :)

      I'm so glad you are running wild with the line 'secrets in the blood', I love to inspire people if I can. Let me know if anything creative come from it, I'd love to see it!

      Yeah the mess that is 'Silver Threads' and the whole publishing farce is still ongoing and depressing but I try to look on the bright side, one thing being that I always have my Mum to give great suggestions lol