Thursday, 7 March 2013

Automatic Writing #8
'It’s just a small flickering light of a beat, rhythmic and lucid going straight from you along hidden lines into my hands, under the soft skin and into my blood, rushing past long forgotten emotions discarded along the way. 

And I forgot how amazing it could be to slow my breathing right down and hold the precious, half-iced breaths and watch it pulse under the light skin of your neck, watching your fanned eyelashes move in elliptic dreams. Watching your lips for the forming of words that must be being spoken in those deep summer time dreams - full of copper pennies shining, in dreams formed around memories of beaches and whitewashed clouds. Sighing with a lonely thought, to keep it all to myself to wash over me in its excuses.'

I thought this would be appropriate for today since I have been having some very weird dreams recently, featuring some people from my past in strange situations! In one dream I was angry at myself for being a smoker and resolved that I would try to give up immediately, I woke up really confused and then realised that I had already given up smoking 3 years ago! lol This piece of automatic writing is obviously about dreams but also about watching someone else dream, which is fascinating if you have ever seen it - especially the rapid eye movement (REM) and also Carl likes to laugh in his sleep which is very cute! :) Oh and I love the photo, it's brilliantly bizarre.

There is nothing else to tell, everything else has ground to a halt and it's all quite depressing to be honest. I am still keeping to myself and sleeping a lot, which is probably why I am having the weird dreams. I have a busy weekend ahead which should keep my mind off things - it's my lovely Mum's birthday tomorrow and Mothers Day here in the UK on Sunday, there will be lots of pressies, cake and pampering happening :)

Happy Thursday.

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