Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Silver Lining for 'Silver Threads'

Just a bit of a quick post to say that 'Silver Threads' is now available to download for free on Google Drive!

The contract with my publisher was not worth the paper it was printed on and the whole thing has fallen apart, I am not in the least surprised but it is still a sad moment. It has been a horrible experience, and quite a jarring time trying to get the rights to my poetry back! As anyone creative knows, anything creative of yours becomes precious beyond belief and to see someone fobbing it off as unimportant is heartbreaking.

The contract stated that the physical copy of 'Silver Threads' was to be published by the end of August last year! I feel I have been more than patient, it has now been 7 months!

But there is a silver lining to the 'Silver Threads' story (pun intended) lol. You can now download the PDF for free. All I ever wanted was to share my poetry and see what people thought. Plus the whole 'publishing fiasco' lead me to set up this blog, so without it you wouldn't be reading this ramble right now :)

Onwards and upwards! Freedom beckons! - Happy Sunday


  1. It's sad to hear what has happened to you Jade but I know you won't allow this experience to keep you down for long. Not sure if you have a Citizens Advice Bureau in your area or a Legal Advice Centre because they can provide you with free advice as what you need to do to quickly get all your rights back etc. Maybe this publisher was part of another organisation (can't remember the name) where you can contact them because he did not abide by certain rules/regulations/codes as a publisher.

    Anyway, just see this as experience and continue to move upwards. Glad to hear about the free download too. This way, you might be able to get even more people to read your poetry. Spend Sunday relaxing with a nice afternoon meal and wine.

    1. Hi Rum, thank you so much for commenting and the advice. We have had advice from a Solicitor since my Mum works at a Solicitors so we have had some professional advice on the matter and given a Notice of Termination of Contract. It's all over now, thank goodness!

      I hope you take a look at the download of 'Silver Threads', I would love to know what you think of the poetry in there :)

      Jade x

    2. I'm gonna get my mate to download a copy of Silver Threads for me this week and I know it will be a good read. Good to hear it's all over now but don't give up, you never know what's waiting for you around the corner Jade.

    3. Hi again Rum

      So pleased that you are going to read 'Silver Threads' - Let me know what you make of it, I'd love to know :)

  2. Just downloaded it Jade, so will take my time going through it. I let you know later what I think. Thanks mate :)